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2006 Chicago Sgt. Test - 2


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Who is responsible for generating ICAM charts and maps prior to the beat meeting?
The beat team member conducting the meeting.
A member of the community may serve as co-chair of the meeting and assist in the agenda. With whom does the responsibility lay for establishing the agenda and ensuring that the meeting runs smoothly?
Beat Team Officers
The beat Team meeting will normall occur within____ after the beat Community meeting.
14 days
On each beat, a beat community meeting will normally be held:
Once every other month.
Beat officers will review the status of city service requests on their beat on a ___basis.
A couple get into an argument. The boy leaves and returns with a gas can. He then pours the gas on the house, setting the house on fire to scare his girlfriend. What can he be charged with?
Aggravated Arson
Ted sets Bills rear porch on fire after CFD extinguishes the fire, which partially damages the rear of Bills home. What would be the best charge?
Aggravated Arson
A boat owner saw a person enter one of the boats docked in the harbor and remove a marine radio and several bottles of liquor from the cabin. What is the appropriate Charge?
Offender walks up to a 60 year old man and states, "Give me the money or ill shoot you." The man never sees the gun but gives up the money. The appropriate charge would be?
Aggravated Robbery
A person commits _____ when he or she takes property from the person or presence of another by use of threatening use of force indicationg verbally or by his or her actions to the victim that he or she is armed with a firearm.
Aggravated Robbery
A person commits aggravated vehicular hijacking when:
A person 16 years of age is a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the offense.
Beat Team Leader will not be responsible for the following activity:
Manage the district's automation systems and master beat plan.
The beat plan is a plan of action developed by______, with input from the community, under the supervision of the Beat Team Leader.
Beat Team members.
_______ will as directed by the watch commander to attend beat meetings to support the problem solving process. ( What sgt?)
Rapid Response Sgts.
Personnel who assist beat team officers by coordinating requests for guest speakers, other district personnel and various resources needed for upcoming meetings are_____team leaders.
Sector management.
A citizen relates information on crime conditions on her block (drugs sales from abandoned vehicles, garbage in vacant lots.) What should the officer do with the information received from the woman?
Identify and collect information and complete a CPD City Service Request form.
Officer Smith submits a City Service Request Form to board up abandoned buildings. Several weeks pass and Smith observes that the building is still open? Office Smith should:
Notify a Supervisor about the unresolved service request.
Officer Brown observes 4 abandoned vehicles in an empty lot on her beat. The vehicles have been there for several months. Officer Brown should:
Submit a Service Request form for each vehicle.
Officer Smith observes an abandoned building with graffiti, abandoned vehicles, and several stray dogs wandering around the same property. Officer Smith should:
Submit a service request form for each incident.
Beat team meetings will be held___________ days after the beat community meeting and provide a forum for memebers to confer, share information and develop the____.
14 days / beat plan.
Tactical officers will derive and supply information based on their knowledge of criminal activity in the district, to beat team officers from which type of information card?
Gang Arrest Card.
Beat officers are responsible for collecting, verifying and recording information on the Beat Profile. Which of the following type of individuals names cannot be included in the Beat Profile?
The proper charge to place against an individual who is arrested after taking a car radio from the dashboard of a vehicle that he entered without permission is:
A person walks into a house through a open back door and remains there even after seeing that someone is home. He does not take anything and leaves. The proper charge for this individual would be?
Criminal Trespass to Residence - Felony.
A P.O. observes a subject walking through an alley looking into garages. The P.O. stops the person and conducts a protective pat down finding a screw driver. The offender admits to looking for a place to break into. What is the appropriate charge?
Possession of Burglary Tools.
A person commits arson by means of fire or explosives when he knowingly with intent to defraud an insurer:
Damages any property with a value of 150.00 or more.
Jones is angry with his girlfriend and throws an M80 at her pedigree dog Valed at 1000.00, and the explosion blinds the dog. Jones should be charged with:
Jones places three sticks of dynamite in the back seat of his car and takes them to his friend Joe. Jones knows that Joe plans to blow up the tavern on the corner. Jones can be charged with:
Possession of explosives or explosive or incediary device.
Tom decides to burn down his garage for insurance money. As the fire spreads a can of gasoline explodes injuring one of the firemen assigned to fight the fire. Tom may be charged with:
Aggravated Arson.
Bob starts his neighbors house on fire. Nobody is home. The house is only partially damaged. What is the most appropriate charge?
Residential Arson
What method is intended to identify significant and chronic crime and disorder problems on the beat and to identify the major community organizations that can serve as resources for problem solving?
Beat Profiling Process.
Which officers will assist in the collecting, verification and recording of information for the Beat Profile Forms assigned by the sector management team leader.
Beat Team Officers.
Who will ensure that compiled documents relative to Beat Profiling conform with First Ammendment Investigations prior to forwarding them to the district administrative manager?
The watch commander.
Who is responsible for coordinating the collection and compilation of Beat Profile information?
Administrative Manager.
Who is responsible for the approval of the Beat Community Meeting log:
The Watch Commander and District Commander.
What is a specific duty of the Watch Commander concerning Beat Team Meetings?
Ensure that Beat Team Officers designated to conduct a beat team meeting are allowed time prior to the meeting to prepare reports, run ICAM maps, etc...
On each beat a beat community meeting will normally be held________.
Once every other month.
What is a comprehensive plan of action under the supervision of the beat team leader, a tool to help officers and the community keep track of the problems on the beat is a :
Beat profile.
CFD paramedics respond to a call for an inhalator. Teens surround the ambulance threatening the paramedics. If arrested, what would be the appropriate charge?
Aggravated Assault.
A person knowingly enters or reaches into the interior of a motor vehicle which is occupied by another person, with intent to commit a felony or theft may be charged with:
Vehicluar Invasion.
A Lt. received an anonymous phone call telling him that P.O. Brown of his unit is using cocaine. The Lt. should do the following:
Obtain a CR number against P.O. Brown.
When the investigation of a department member is complete and the result is that the incident occurred but that the actions of the accused were both lawful and proper, the classification should be:
If a complaint against a department member cannont be completed in the allowed time, who must approve the extension?
Commanding Officer.
Assaulting a person who by statute is over the age of____ will result in the offender being charged with Aggravated Assault.
For any 2nd conviction or subsequent conviction of Domestic Battery the offender shall be mandatory sentanced to how many consecutive hours of imprisonment?
72 Hours.
With respect to the offenses of Aggravated Battery and Heinous Battery what statement best describes the relationship between the two?
Heinous Battery is a higher class felony than for aggravated battery.
Ms. Smith had been accosted on the street by a teen who threw lye in her face, scarring her. What charge would be appropriate in this case?
Heinous Battery.
Ms. smith observes two boys riding their bikes in her parking lot. She picks up a bottle and throws it striking one of the boys causing him to lose an eye. What is the appropriate charge?
Aggravated Battery of a child.
What is not a required element that would cause stalking to become aggravated stalking?
Causing bodily harm.
What is not a required element that would constitute the charge of aggravated batter of a child?
Bodily harm to the child.
A person commits stalking when he transmits to another person a threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable apprehension of all of the following except?
Picketing at a workplace during a labor dispute.
Which of the following does not constitute threatening a public official?
A person starts a media campaign citing all the illegal activities an official allegedly involved in.
Tattooing the body of a minor is unlawful for any person other than a person licensed to practise medicine in all its branches, to tattoo a person under the age of___?
An ex con commits home invasion when he entered an inhabited dwelling without authority and :
Armed with a dangerous weapon.
John Badly, a 17 year old camp counselor committed an act of sexual penetration against Nathan, age 12. Badly could be charged with:
Criminal Sexual Abuse.
Bob who is 21 fondles the breast of Mary who is 15 years old. What would Bob be charged with?
Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse.
Consent is a defense to any of the criminal sexual abuse offenses where force or threat of force is an element of the offense. What constitutes consent?
Freely given agreement to the act of sexual conduct in question shall constitute consent.
Upon a finding of probable cause or indictment of Criminal Sexual Assault and upon request of the victim, the states attorney shall_____.
Seek a court order to compel the accused to be tested for HIV.
The owner of a nursing home leaves a patient alone in a room containing a bed, table, and lamp for twelve hours at a time knowing the patient has incontinence problems. What is the owner guilty of?
A class 3 felony.
A person commits the offense of ________ when he is a caregiver and he knowingly performs acts which cause an elderly or disabled persons life to be endangered, health to be injured, or mental condition to deteriorate.
Criminal neglect of an elderly or disabled person.
Regan is the guardian for her 80 year old father. He has Alzheimers. Regan cut the labels off his garments and took him to Great America and left him in the roller coaster line with a "take care of him" note in his pocket. When arrested Regan c
Criminal Neglect or an elderly or disabled person.
For a person to commit Child Abandonment the child abandoned must be what age?
Under the age of 13.
Bob agrees to join the DDD social club. On initiation night Bob becomes intoxicated and passes out. When he awakens the letters DDD are carved into his forehead. The carver will be charged with______.
Ritual Mutilation.
A person who with intent to strike a motor vehicle causes by any means, an object to fall from an overpass in the direction of a moving vehicle traveling upon a highway and that object strikes a motor vehicle is guilty of_______.
Vehiclular Endangerment.
Ritualized abuse of a child, the word child means a person under the age of:
The penalty for or a 2nd or subsequent conviction for ritualized abuse of a child is:
Class X Felony
A teacher at Metro High School has been dating and having sexual intercourse with his 16 year old student Daisy. Daisy parents find out about the relationship and have the teacher arrested. He is charged with:
Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse
Mr. Jones finds a rare bird in his back porch. He places the bird into a cage. The next day he places an ad in the paper. When the owner call him he agrees to return the bird for 100.00. This act is defined as:
Permanate Deprivation.
Bill removes a wallet containing 70.00 from a purse in an unattended shopping cart. After being placed under arrest, a criminal history check reveals that he is on parole for aggravated battery. The proper charge for the incident is:
Theft- Class A misdemeanor.
A lessess of personal property rented has to be notified by owner within how many days by written demand for return before charges of theft can occur?
10 Days.
A person convicted of theft from a coin operated machine and who has been previously convicted of any type of theft, robbery, burglary, residential burglary,etc.. is guilty of a:
Class 4 Felony.
Any contact however slight between the sex organ or anus of one person by an object, sex organ, mouth or anus of another is the definition of:
Sexual Penetration
Robbery is a Class 2 Felony, however if the victim is ___years of age or over, or is a physically handicapped person, Robbery is a Class 1 Felony.
60 years of age.
A teenager informs an officer that while on his way to school, two unknown offenders approached him and demanded his jacket and gym shoes, stating that they would shoot him if he did not give them his property. The appropriate charge is:
Aggravated Robbery.
Ms. Pruitt called 911 and reported that one of her fans came to her lavish house trailer and without her authority entered and remained within the house trailer. What offense could the arrestee be charged?
Criminal Trespass to Residence.
George is found outside an apartment building with a bag of pry bars, jimmies, and a key cutter. Before charging him with Possession of Burglary Tools, the police must also:
Establish Georges intent to enter some residence, car, etc.., and his intent to commit a felony or theft once inside.
A person is arrested after setting fire to the rear porch of a synagogue while service was being conducted causing minimal damage, less than 100.00 to the porch. The most appropriate charge to be place would be:
Aggravated Arson.
"Theft from coin operated Machines" the term coin operated machine shall include any of the following except for:
Automated Teller Machine.
Mr. Trouble visits his former wife at her place of employment, Chicago Reed Mental Health Center, where he becomes involved in an argument with her, spits in her face and walks away. Trouble can be charged with:
Domestic Battery.
A beat team meeting is held____days after the beat community meeting. Within____ after the beat team meeting, the beat team leader submits the completed beat plan forms to the sector management team leader.
14 days / 5 days.
An officer having knowledge of another officer of the dept being under investigation by an outside law enforcement agency will immediately do the following:
Submitt a To From subject report of the information in triplicate to his unit commanding officer.
Department policy requires implementation of a summary punishment penalty immediately following the decision of the:
Hearing officer.
Members who incur just debts are expected to liquidate such debts within:
A reasonable period of time.
Whenever an allegation is made against a department member concerning miscellaneous drug related activities, on or off duty is received, the supervisory member will:
Obtain a complaint register number.
P.O. Jones served a theft warrant assisted by his sector sergeant. After further investigation, it was determined the subject of the warrant was the lock-up keeper in the 019th District. What action must the sergeant take?
Notify OPS and obtain a CR number.
Special Situations, any department member who has failed their legal responsibility to pay off a debt he has incurred is subject to:
Wage Garnishment.
When an off duty department member is accused of operating a motor vehicle while impaired and a urine sample is ordered, the urine sample will be turned over to:
A member of Internal Affairs Division.
When an off duty sergeant is accused of DUI, the Standardized Field Sobriety test will be conducted by:
Watch commander of the district of occurrance.
If an accused member is not assigned to the unit which has conducted the complaint registered investigation, and the investigation has not been conducted by IAD or OPS, the investigator will submit the original and ___ copies of the final investigation r
4 copies.
Financial identity theft of credit, money, goods, services, or other property exceeding 2000.00 but not over 10,000.00 in value is a:
Class 3 Felony
With respect to financial identity theft, which one of the below items is not personal identification documents:
School Photo ID card.
A person commits aggravated financial identity theft when he or she commits the offense against a person who is______ years of age or older.
60 years of age.
If a person has been previously convicted of aggravated financial identity theft and a second conviction is received, what would he be guilty of?
Class X Felony
Mr. x callse the desk sergeant to lodge a complaint about the conduct fo officer nasty. Mr. x states that officer nasty called him a nitwit and told him to get his bike off the sidewalk. Mr. X refuses to divulge his identity other than to state that his
Inform Mr. X that the department does not take anonymous complaints unless the officer's activity is criminal.
A member assigned to a CR investigation will send a certified letter if failing to contact a complaint and witness after______days.
3 days.
While investigating a CR number you determine that the allegation, supported by evidence, strongly indicates unfitness for duty, you will notify:
Commanding officer of exempt rank.
In a sustained investigation, it is necessary for the investigation to uncovered_____evidence of proof of the allegation against the accused.
A risk Level 1 assignment is one in which responsibilities:
Involve a potential for exposure to blood and other potential infectious materials.
What is the policy of the Chicago Police Department in dealing with Communicable Disease and Infection Control?
To provide information and safeguards for the health and safety of its members.

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