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Hep B


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Is an acute hep B illness that bad?
No, can even be asymptomatic.
Then why is Hep B virus so bad?
It persists in 5-10% of immunocompetent people, and causes cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.
What causes the pathologic effect of HBV?
The host's immune response to the persistant virus infected hepatocytes.
What is HBe Ag?
A soluble antigen secreted by infected hepatocytes.
What is HBs Ag?
The surface antigen of HBV.
What is a good indication that a person's immune system has cleared the virus?
Seroconversion of HBeAg to Anti-HBe.
What are the 3 antigens detected in HBV?
Hep B Surface
Hep B Core - its ANTIBODY
Hep B e
Which HBV antigens appear first in infection, and when?
HBs and HBe Ag; during incubation, 2-8 weeks before any other change occurs.
How long is HBsAg detectable?
Through acute phase, clears by convalescence. Usually only 2-6 weeks.
Which antigen is detectable after HBsAg?
What is a valuable use of Anti-HBc?
-It is a lifelong marker of infection with HBV (as IgG)
-Important marker of recent acute infection, esp if HBs and HBe antigens are neg.

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