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Coughs and Colds


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What are bacteria?
Bacteria are micro-organisms, many of which cause diseases.
What is a virus?
A virus is a group of micro-organisms that can cause diseases such as colds.
What are germs?
Germs are micro-organisms, especially ones that cause diseases.
What does contagious mean?
A contagious disease is capable of being passed from one person to another.
What happens when you have a fever?
When you have a fever your body temperature is higher than usual.
What is a disease?
When the body is not working correctly often caused by an infection.
What is a cold?
A cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory passages which often causes a runny nose.
What is the flu?
Influenza is a highly contagious viral infection which causes fever, aches and pains and respiratory inflammation.
What are symptons?
Symptons are the signs that a body shows when it has a particular disease.
What is an infection?
An infection is the invasion of the body by harmful micro-organisms that can cause diseases.

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