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Week 1 Medical Assisting


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What 3 things are required to have a knowledge of your environment?
-sense organs to perceive stimulus
-cranial nerves to transmit
-functioning area of brain to interpret
What are the 4 types of receptors?
What part of the skull is the eye located in?
The orbital cavity
What is sclera?
The tough white tissue surrounding the eye- the whites of the eyes
What is the choroid?
Layer containing blood vessels below the sclera which prevents light from reflecting in the eye
What is the retina?
The layer at the back of the eye where images from the lens are focused
What is accomodation?
The movement of the lens to allow for near or distant vision
What shape does the lens have at different ages?
Round as a child, oval as an adult, nearly flat in the elderly which causes difficulty accomodating near vision
What is the iris?
The colored muscle surrounding the pupil
What is the pupil?
The black part in the center of the eye, allows the transmission of light
What is the cornea?
The shiny covering of the eye/ it has pain and touch receptors
What is astigmatism?
Blurry vision caused by the cornea being abnormally shaped
What is conjunctiva?
The red lining of the inner eyelids
What do lacrimal glands do?
Secrete tears
What does aqueous humor do?
This salty clear fluid maintains the curvature of the cornea and assists in refraction
What does vitreous humor do?
Fills the vitreous chamber behind the lens, aids in refraction, maintains shape of eyeball
What is the surgical removal of the eye called?
What do rods do?
Allows the eye to see in black and white
What do cones do?
Allows the eye to see color
If the cones are damaged, what condition results?
What is the optic disc?
The area in the retina where the optic nerves exit, there are no rods or cones in this area, called the "blind spot"
What is myopia?
When images are focused in the front of the retina allowing the eye to see things near/nearsightedness
What is hyperopia?
When images are focused in the rear of the retina allowing the eye to see things far away/farsightedness
What is amblyopia?
Lazy eye
What is conjunctivitis?
Imflammation of the conjunctiva usually from bacteria or the herpes simplex virus
What is glaucoma?
Buildup of pressure in the eye resulting in eventual blindness
What is Strabismus?
Gaze is pointed inward (cross-eyed) or outward (wall-eyed)
What is a cataract?
The buildup of film on the eye, may have a cloudy appearance
What is the pinna?
The outside part of the ear which picks up sound vibrations
What are the 3 bones of the middle ear?
The malleus(hammer) which hits the incus (anvil) which moves the stapes (stirrups)
What are the eustachian tubes?
They are small tubes connecting the middle ear to the throat, they equalize pressure within the ear
What is the cochlea?
The snail-like part of the inner ear that transmits impulses to the auditory nerve
What do the 3 semicircular canals in the inner do?
Help maintain balance
What is an auditory canal onstruction?
Anything that is obstructing the ear canal
What is otitis media?
Infection of middle ear
What is Otosclerosis?
Hardening of the ear usually through overuse causing gradual hearing loss
What is epistaxis?
What is glossitis?
Inflammation of the tongue caused by irritation, injury, organisms, jagged teeth
At what angle is an intradermal injection given?
10-15 degree
At what angle is an intramuscular injection given?
90 degree
At what angle is a subcutaneous (sub-q) injection given?
45 degree
What is hemolysis?
Destruction of red blood cells by shaking lab tubes or leaving tourniquet on
What is a hematoma?
mass of blood in tissue causing a black and blue mark
What is phlebitis?
Inflammation of a vein caused by fishing in arm or smacking arm
What is thrombophlebitis?
Inflammation of the vein accompanied by a clot
What are the 3 veins of the antecubital fossa?
The median cubital (middle), the cephalic(outer) and the basilic (inner)
What is the order of use of the lab tubes?
1-Blood culture(sterile)
4-Light Blue(must be full)

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