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Chem Final


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amount needed to fight pneumonia globally
$39 Billion
6-year global plan to fight pneumonia aimed to save _______ children by _____
5 million, 2015
_______ kills more children than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined
\"the biggest killer people never hear about\"
pneunomia causes ____% of children\'s death every year
____ deaths related to malnutrition and poverty
drug-resistant strain of the disease developing
evolved an extra thick cell wall with extra layers of sugars and lipids; impenetrable to the human immune system
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
TRUE OR FALSE: TB is not very contagious
signs of active TB infection
fever, weight loss, and fatigue
TRUE OR FALSE TB Bacteria can reside in humans for several years before showing symptoms
year TB was treated by confinement in a sanitarium
year drugs were found to provide effective treatment for TB
year TB could be treated at home
TB infect ___ of the world\'s population
greatest bacterial killer of humans
major funding for TB research comes from
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
chemist who developed the first synthetic dye at 18
William Perkin
first synthetic dye
Americans spend ___% of available income on food
haber process combined N2 from air with H2 from fossil fuels
a locality from which healthy food is more than twice as far away as unhealthy food
food desert
80% of ______ residents buy food at convenience stores
average food in US travels more than ______ miles and usually spoils en route
more than 100 deaths have occurred in the US due to aged ____ which have dried out and ruptured or lost their treads
tires older than ____ are a danger
6 years
company that makes the most efficient and cheapest solar cell
First Solar
banned from most consumer products in Europe because it is a toxic metal
cadmium telluride
drought and war have left over ______ people in need of food
20 million
about 50% of the population of _____ has insufficient food
plant in Africa that has a mild narcotic effect
sources of alkanes
petroleum-oils and gas
uses of alkanes
burn for energy, make other chemicals
steps in naming isomers
1. name longest continuous chain 2. name substituents 3. use numbers to locate substituents
_______ kills 250 in the US each year
CO poisoning
50% of ____ had mercury levels above human health guidelines
this pollution comes from the burning of coal
responsible for for 100,000 accidents annually, ending in 1550 deaths
drowsy driving
________ drivers fall asleep at the wheel daily, with incidence higher in younger drivers
this improves problem solving by 40%
REM sleep
one effect of isomers
carbon footprint can be reduced by eating this
whole grains and veggies
issues of ethanol in gasonline
has impact on price and availability of food supply, does not reduce greenhouse effects, can lower US imported oil dependency
positive points for ethanol as fuel
clean burning, domestically purchased, spreads slower than gas when spilled
negative points for ethanol as fuel
more expensive than oil, causes rust, impacts availability and price of corn,
currently 99% of fuel alcohol is for ___, 1% for ____
E10, E85
found in paints, cosmetics, sunscreens, vitamins, toothpaste, and food coloring; cause genetic damage in mice
hungry defined as less than _____ calories a day
_____ of the planet is considered hungry
________ starvation deaths in children under 5 each year
5 million
inventor of paste that can nourish the malnourished; ______ children can recover on it
andre briend; 9/10
Doomsday Clock located at ______ and began in ____
U of Chicago; 1947
developed to measure how close to the brink of destruction we are
Doomsday Clock
Doomsday Clock moved ahead to 5 minutes in 2007 to represent ______
global warming
country that produces the most global warming gases in the world
concept of global warming published first by this man
svante arrhenius
average global temps have risen ____ over the past century
1 degree farenheit
ingredient found in polycarbonates of nalgene water bottles that may be linked to UTIs and precancerous tumors
country that banned polycarbonate baby bottles
BPA levels ______ than the first trimester of pregnancy has no effect on a child\'s behavior
high bpa levels result in ______ in girls, and ________ in boys
agression, anxiety
everday items that contain 10 milligrams of free BPA; largest BPA exposure identified for the general public
cash receipts
location on the east coast where there is a strict recycling policy
75% of global energy use is from
fossil fuels
The energy from chemical combustion is approximately proportional to the amount of _______ consumed
President Obama pledged that U.S. will reduce greenhouse emissions by ___ over next decade.
US makes up ___% of the world population and ___% of the world\'s energy
4%, 25%
species that consumes 1/4 of the Earth\'s natural productivity
population will increase __ by 2030

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