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newborns heart rate is around
120 - 160 beats per minute

Ave. blood pressure of 74/46 mm

Ave resp is 30 - 50 per min.

Temp is usually 96 to 99
what is molding?
overlaping of the soft bones all the fetal head to adjust to pelvis birth! They readjust after a few days.
what is fontanels and what two shapes do they have?
diamond shape of anterior fontanel and triangle shape of posterior fontanel b/t fused bones of skull
What are newborn innate cognitive development examples
sensory functions are what this is about. Ex. reflex activities, learn behaviors, learn their desires. Turn to the nipple, learn to cry to get feed, respond to diaparing, cuddling
crying isn't proved to be a precursor to speech. but the child learns that crying does do what?
illicits a response

to get feed, to get picked up
Psycosocial development for newborn. what devolps first month of an infants life with it and the mother?
a strong bond that grows into a deep attachment. Routine interactions enhance this. feeding, hygene, comfort consume most of baby's waking life.
So what does this have to do with a nurse and the baby's health?
that bond could become compromised if the baby has to go to a hospital and compromise the parental bond. Especially newborns with health problems are too weak to develop this bond, b/c they could tire easily, is to disrupt this bonding easily.
what is hyperbilirubinema?
too much bilirubin in the baby's blood, makes the baby look yellow. Too much of this can cause brain damage. Must shield baby's eyes from light, will have watery stools.
What is a problem associated with circumcism?
pain management. this procedure benefits baby by prevention of penis cancer, and UTIs. risks are hemorage, infection, infection, adhesion, metal stenosis.
Infant is period b/t 1 month to 1 year. a period of rapid growth and change. this is the only period that the individual experiences ________
dramatic physical changes & marked development.
What is the correct way to make a baby sleep?
on its back, not on its side b/c it could fall on its face and sleep face down and die.
Toddler is what age area?
1 - 3 years is Toddler.
Because Toddlers were so successful as infants with their learned skills from crying, etc. they expand and become aware of what?
repeated attempts to control their enviroment & successful attempts pleases them and unsuccessful makes then have temper tamtrums. So what?
this is the time when baby is the most difficult trying to establish firm and consistant limits and still encourage independence
What are some examples of physical and motor development?
learn to walk
Physical are like:
throw a ball
pull toys
bend over w/o falling
Motor Skills are:
draw circles and crosses well
draw stick people
recognize urge to pee and poop
willingness to please parents
What about Toddler's Cognitive Changes?
can remember things
put thoughts into words
they recognize they are not same as mother
18 month kid knows 10 words. the 2 years old knows up to 300 words, can use 2 word phrases. "Who's that" What's that?
Me do it. that's mine. favorite word is NO.
Again, the Toddler's first year will learn to speak ?
3 - 6 words and can understand simple commands.
A year and a half Toddler will know up to 10 words. The 2 year old can know up to ? words?
300 words and can speak 2 word sentences. Who's that?"

The big word is NO
Erickson's Toddler crisis is about Autonomy vs Doubt & Shame. They discover the neg and positive consquences and how their behavior affects others. Explain
The Toddler learned in infant stage that behavior like crying illicited immediate results so therefore the Toddler will explore this further into receiving pleasure when they get what they have demanded and throw fits when they don't get what they wanted. The terrible 2s
Freud's Id Ego and Superego here.

What about the Toddler's Ego development?
Toddler ego (consious mind) is a conflict b/t reason and common sense verses delayed gratification
What is the Toddler's Id crisis? (Subconsious mind)
Toddler's Id is a struggle with frustration versus socially acceptable ways to interact. this is a balance here, a brat or an angel.
Then there is the Toddler's semi consious/semi unconsious mentally called Superego. Where is this child's head at?
The toddler's Superego is not developed yet. Morals is assoiciated with superego but the Toddler can only understand to avoid the unpleasent and seek out the pleasent.
Health wise, Toddlers are doing risky stuff. They are discovering how to walk, risk for injury. Poisoning is big, like lead poisoning. Automobile safety is big. Toddlers are vunerable to 3 catagories. what?
bodily damage from sharps, poking an eye, strangers, learn to say NO, safety glass stuff, etc
How does hospitalization affect the Toddler?
The biggy here is seperation anxiety, also called anaclitic depression. It goes from protest, dispair, to detachment.
During hospitalization, the Toddler feels a loss of control and a big distrubtion in ...
their daily routines. Toddler's trive on consistancy and flamilarity & hospitalization messes this up.
What are some Toddler reactions to pain & injury?
its intense. grimacing, rub, rock, they can respond to pain but can't describe it or where its coming from!
What are the nutritional needs of Toddlers?
They will be changing from breast milk to formula, consumming 4 8 oz servings a day. More solid foods being eaten, so more stuff from the pyramid. Nurse should advise parents to limit milk intake so the Toddler will eat food instead of drink milk. They need regular milk, not skim milk. The issue is what is 'normal' in size of meals. Kids in pain, in the hospital are put on veggie diets HAVE to get protein as a supplement. Giving finger foods to hospitalized Toddler allows them automomitry, some independence and control
Toddler play is solitary play but ...
are starting to learn to do parallel play which is playing along side other Toddlers, not with other Toddlers. The issue is about what is theres and what is not, possession issues. They learn to share when parents show pleasure when Toddler gives them a toy to hold.
what is ericson stage called ?
autnomony and doubt
what age range is toddler
1 - 4
most important development?
toliet training
examples of toddler physical and
walks alone
one on injury for toddler?
car seats
are toddlers able to kick a ball
what kind of play
parralel play
what word does 3 year old yuse?
who is primary care giver
what are some major safety issues for toddlers
motor vehicle accidents(car seats)
drowning for boys/burns for girls
drowning for girls/burns for boys
major stressors
loss of control
bodily injury
nursing issue is what
nurse has to allow the mother to help give a shot etc?
no she's the saver
5 roles of nursing for the toddler?

hint: e p a l u
what is preschool erickson?
initiative vs guilt

the play age
what preschooler the main point of veiw
it their own view
Erickson's view of preschool
increase in language?
from 300 to 1200 words
age group toddler?
1 - 3
age group preschool
3 - 5
what do we feed preschoolers
a well balanced diet. a still risk of choking
preschooler age
3 - 6

inititive vs guilt
what is prodomol manifestations
early symptoms of fever and rash
preschoolers double birth rate by 4 years old
6 - 11
erickson thing is
inferiority vs industrious
Page 160 Potter Erik Erikson

Th 8 stages of life LEARN THESE
birth-1 trust vs mistrust
1-3 autonomy vs sense of shame&doubt
3-6 initiative vs guilt
6-11 industry vs inferiority
puberty identity vs role confusion
young adults-Intimacy vs isolation
middle age-generality vs self-absorption & stagnation
old age integrity vs despair
5 must have nutrients

f m p c v
vit e
what is the hardest part of middle child

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