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M200 Exam 2


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contained and dead now
has to be transported to US through birds and then has to mutate to humans
Avian flu
idea was if you keep people away from others for 40 days, they won't spread
Used for bubonic plague but fleas and rats act as vectors so it didn't work
strain in town of Marbord, Germany and was stopped immediately came to US in primates but was contained and was not a problem
largest epidemic in US, primarily spread by men b/c seminal fluid is high in WBC and female WBC eat male WBC and get the virus
STD caused by Hflu in and caused a lesion that women get and gay men get rectally and allows WBC to spread. In Africa, more women than US get HIV because of this, in US more gay men have HIV, but going down in US
Chancroid (bacterial infection)
In birds, all GI so has to go through respiratory and HAS to mutate, usually through pigs.
Avian and Swine Flu
In GI form, 80-90% moratality rate. B/c it's so new, it's very dangerous. Always new because it dies off and comes back. If doens't mutate to respiratory, it will only kill you and not spread to others
Avian and Swine Flu
Prion, transfered btw species, scrapie in sheep -> _______ -> people
Mad Cow Disease
road kill is ground up and but in animal food and causes spread
Mad Cow Disease
mucocillary tree, skin (esp. Keratin: antimicrobial), IgA antibodies on surface of mucosa, tear, urine (washes things out of your body)
non-specific/innate immunity
body is attacked by innate immunity (WBC) and you get redness, pus (WBC), heat, swelling, tenderness
when there's damage, damaged cells give off this mini-hormone
special cytokines that work on the cellular level
pulls WBC out of the blood stream and trapped to area of damage to make pus
clotted blood that's been centrifuged and RBC goes to the bottom of the tube, so all clotting material goes to bottom and the liquid is called _____: WILL NOT CLOT
add anticoagulants to prevent clotting so when centrifuged RBC's come down first bc they're heavier. top layer left is _______: WILL CLOT
layer btw plasma and RBC
buffy coat
contains WBC and platelets and floats on top of RBC layer because it's lighter, can be looked at for WBC counts
buffy coat
contains bodily fluids (salts and glucose) and looks like jelly

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