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The UN


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10 rotating sc members
(belgium, congo, ghana, indonesia, italy, panama, peru, quatar, slovakia, south africa)

rotate every 2 years
vienna convention (diplomatic immunity)
5 permanent sc members
china, france, uk, russian fed, us ---> allies from wwii

have vote power
6 official languages
english, french, spanish, chinese, russian, and arabic
6 organs
general assembly, security council, economic and social, trusteeship council, international court of justice, secretariast
ban ki-mon
from south korea, current secretary general
based on
justice, human dignity, well-being of all people
current number of countries
date of establishment
october 1945
international organization focused on bringing all nations together to work for peace and development
diplomatic immunity
principle in international law in which federal officials are not subject to local laws (ie no tax liability outside country, unlimited entry and exit between countries, special liscence, vip status) given to keep diplomats from being hindered, not for pe
economic and social council
coordinates all economic and social work of un
general assembly
goal topics (8)
poverty and hunger, education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, hiv/aids and other diseases, environmental sustainability, and global partnership for development
headquarters (2)
in nyc, land and buildings are international territory (own flag, stamp, post office)
also in geneva, switz
important info
not a world government, does not make laws, provides the means to help resolve international conflicts and formulate policies on matters affecting all of us
create peace among the world
international court of justice (world court)
judicial organ, 15 judges elected by ga and sc, decide disputes between countries
senior officer of un secretariast (secretary general), provides overall guidance

member guidance
members must accept the obligations of the un charter
member of es council
54 members, elected for 3 year terms by ga
internation peace and security, friendly relations among nations, solve international problems, promote respect for human rightsa nd fundamental freedoms, be center for harmonizing actions of nations
number of countries at first
offices (6)
austria, vienna, ethiopia, jordan, thailand, and chile.
persona non grata
unwanted person, your country declares you on your mission
reason for establishment
failure of league of nations, ie wwii
carries out substantice and administrative work of the UN directed by the ga and sc
security council
security council members
5 permanent + 10 rotate = 15 members
suspencion of trusteeship council
in 1994, because last territory was decided
trusteeship council
provides international supervicion of trust territories, meet yearly to discuss any issues 
un charter
international treaty that sets out the basic principles of international relations
united nations populations fund
office of the united nations high commissioner for refugees
united nations children's fund
us representative
richard c halbrooke
world food programme

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