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random stuff about me!


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your face!
saying that i said a lot last year that got on everyones nerves :)
camera, iPod, cell phone, ALL of my burts bees stuff, and my teeny tiny deoderant! lol
these things were ALL in my purse when it was stolen
type of dog i have
paramore, the veronicas,mayday parade, the killers, my chemical romance, all time low, cute is what we aim for, breaking benjamin, linkin park, three days grace, we the kings, the spill canvas, nickelback, all american rejects, the fray, death cab for cutie, green day, coldplay, evanescence, panic! at the disco, red, story of the year, 3 doors down
my favorite band(S)
my locker number!
my fav song
gossip girl, lincoln heights, 90210, HANNAH MONTANA! okay just kidding!; american idol
my favorite tv show
being alone (and spiders but this is bigger)
the thing im afraid of most
the color my toenails are right now!!!
bad boys 2, step up, center stage 2, scream, transformers, hitch, sense&sensebility, the unborn, how to lose a guy in 10 days, step up 2, hancock, enough!, maid in manhattan, pride and predjudice, titanic, monster in law, AND MANY OTHERS
my favorite movies!
black and purple
my two all time favorite colors
name of my dog
akon and chris brown
my favorite rap singer (guy)
light brown
my eye color!

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