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Really Random!!!!

i love random! random, random, come and experience the randomness!


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angry grandmas
they'll get ya if you arent carefull!
wax replicas of Hannah Montana
dont worry, ill go melt them! lol
anti-bacterial underpants
it will get all that messy stuff out, or so i think....
beddie bye
some baby word that my mom yelled at me to make me go to sleep
they farm stuff
some muscle, it hurts if you rip it out
green light
it means go!
voice box
some box in your throat, it makes you talk.. whenever you say something mean/wrong blame it on your voice box
they stalk me and you, they are trying to destroy the potato/french fry empire!
G.I.Joe dolls
i love playing with them! theyre so fun!
they plan to take over the world, watch out!
low-fat cottage cheese
a dairy product that smells like spoiled milk
turning lanes
i guess they help you turn...
baby alive
it goes potty! how amazing!
baby wipes
theyre a portable bath tub!
darth vador
he gives me nightmares

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