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only my bffs EvEr!!!


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Bryan M.
he has been my friend since 1st grade and we have had some aMaZzInG tImEs in the past years!!!! he probably knows me the best out of every1 in da school! (except my sis) i wish he was in more of my classes tho :( BUT OMG NEW YEARS EVE....SO MANY LAUGHS/ JOKES/ TEASING/ FRICKEN INSANE PARTY POPPERS!!! HAHAHA!!! i love bryan!!
Sophie L.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE HER!!!!!! she is my bball buddie and we have had some flat out amazing times 2gether!!! o ya and her lil sis is my santa baby!!
he is in alot of my classes now that i think of it...and he is alot of fun 2 be with and haha first guest 2 bryans suprise party!!! lol
Peter B.
hahaaa he is funny i lov peter!!!! lunch on mondays, tuesdays, and thursdays is VERY interesting!! haha i luv making fun of u know hoos big fatt butt and u know hoos creepy thumbb
ILY KATHERINE!!!! haha she is scared out of her mind of the infected ppl!! I AM LEGEND....we went 2 c it!!! I LOVE HER!!!!
Will M.
hes in alot of my classes and we are always jokeing around and having fun! lottts of inside jokes and he loooooves tootsie rolls!!! "FOR NARNIA!!!!!!" hehe i luv u will!!
i call her Andy cause its a sweet name (better the Andrea! haha jk) and i love her to death!!!! P.E. is so much funn..haha hannah montana songs!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!
sorry but i ran out of time and i am just bored of doing this so if you want to be on here then PM me...bye!!
Katie M.
omg there is NO WAY YOU CAN POSSIBLY MAKE THIS GIRL SAD!!!! she is sssooo full of energy and hilarious and i love her!!!
Caroline W.
pretty good time in ms bells class. :D i luv her cause she is obsessed with the beatles too!!!!!!! :D:D
^^^ same as abovee..they both hide my stuff or throw it under mrs kendigs DISGUISTING LOCKERS!!! LOL!! i still love them tho
Rachel P.
my chorus buddy...we have some really fun times together!!! she is so happy and fuuny!!
DOOLA!!!!! ahaha that is wat i call her and she is an amazing bunny! c and e.....REALLY FUN!!!! i eat lunch w/ her alottt and i looooove it!!!
JOY TO THE WORLD!!!!!!! ha i always sing this whenever i see her!! her halloween costume was quite different, she walks around the hallways with her jacket zipped up past her head so she cant see, and writes really random (AND LONGGG) stories and put them on my stickies! wat a gal...i love you joy shen!!
Caleb Y.
BOLD SALAMENDAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes that is his nicknmee BeSt LoCkEr BuDdY iN tHe WoRlD!!!!!!! haha i luv caleb!!! he is my partner 2 destroy the world...
Lil Frankiee (franklin)
he is a fricken sweet bball player and we r so madd he didnt make da team!! lol i luv frankieee
Morgan L.
not too good of friends but we r still friends and i like talking to her in A and G block
i love va!!!!! e and f blcok...SSSSSOOOOO FUN!!!
omggg i really love this girl!!! we have lotts and lotts of fun in science, ss, and mostly AW!!!! :D:D:D:D
LIZA!!! (elizabeth)
bms baller!!! i love liza!! the bus is ssssoooo funnn!!!! and her bunny is mean it bites ppl!
Ashley Darling
OMGoshhhh (lol!!) i love love love loooove her last name!!!! she is so fun to hang with and be around and we are always doing stuff after funn!
Alyssa J.
tangerine!!!! "OMG YOUR SUFFOCATEING HER!!!" ahahahaaa [dont ask] haha alyssa johnson omg i love you sooo much!!!!! she is the only 1 hoo knows my TRUE LUVR (ahaha!!!)
omgg he is so annoying but so funny!!!! haha in math....omg we do nothing but goof off and he is always the ones that gets in trouble! LOL!!!
english.."it means that its dark..but its light" haha science is fun too gilly!
haha he pisses katie off so much in science!!!! and in math he is so bad a chewing gum he gets caught every day!!!! ahahaaa he is my math would be dull without him
interesting fella he is....we have fun pickin on bryan (espically when mr mayo wouldnt let him talk! haha!!!!) and andrea creeps him out which is hilarious!!! SOCIAL STUDIES IS SSSOOO FUNN!!!!
PENELOPE!!! she is so small and strange..i love her!! we went to the richmond christmas parade and it was SSSOOO FUN!!!! but very coldd. LOL, the entire e block w/ me talking w/ my tounge outt!! LOL!!! SO FUNN and her doggie and cat...LOL!! o ya and...FLAMINGO POWER!! hahahahahaaaaaa inside joke
BRITTANY!!!!!!!!! i love brittany she is so insanely awesome! HAHA SRY BRITT BUT I LOVE SAYING BRITTBRATTFLY!!! :D:D haha she is so small and strange..she is always making me laugh
omggggggg i love you frickashay!!! this is my nickname 4 isayah (hoo cares how u spell it my name 4 him is way sweeter!) haha his belt storage thingy! LOL!
Alex R.
he looooooooves math!!!!!!! ahahahaaaa
Maddie R.
fun times at bball..breaking the clipboard at exciting games [oopys!], ur weird hip thing (lol!), spitting on sophie, falling off benches..ahh good times
i love you girl u r soo funny!! "CHA!" ha, i loved ur school picture LOL! my wife..
OMG KATIE!!!!!! SHE IS MY SISTER!!!!!! i love her sssssssoooooo much we are always laughing and jokeing around and she is ssssoooo funny!!! we have like a gagillion inside jokes and i am always going crazy around her and same w/ her around mee. haha i called her a billion times on new years eve and then at midinght lol it was so funn!!! she is also on my bball team but doesnt thnk she is good but really she is amazing and i love love love her and we are gonna rock the byrd basketball team next year!!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART KATIE!!!!!!
Mary Kelly
MK the elf!!! she is my little steal lunch boxes!!!!!! muhahaha!! lol, love ya MK!!!
hahahaaa i love alaina!!! i just met her recently at cotoillion and so far we have had ALOT OF FUN TIMES!!!!!!!!
Micheal B.
ive known since like...3rd grade or something and i love havin ya in my gym class!! (and i know you love having KRIS in ur class!) LOL!!!! he is my ping pong buddie!!!

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