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me loves™

my friends are absolutley amaziiingg...

** here are some of my best friends.


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ashlee lester
my sister™
cory fitzsimmons
i love you even though your a player =]
caylee cook
my dr. phil [caylee beach && kelley harbor]
jennifer pitera
the best girl ever a.k.a. my boyfriend
johnny robbins
through good && bad [even through what happened last year, yes i did forgive you eventually] i will always love you =]
drew && brittney anderson
best swimteam duo ever i love you two to no end!!! [i miss you guys already!!]
madison rhodes
yes, she plays with her animal crackers, & YES she watches shes the man in spanish, & YES she is AMAZING!!
alex altholf
you are amazing. we always have fun when were together. i can always talk to you about anything. & your my swimteam bff [thanks.]
jamie chambon
jamie boo is the best. end of story.
brittany capps
i love this girl to absolute no end && our times together are one word: amazingg
MATT DEWEES [aka jerry]
the most AMAZINGG 6th grader ever and he is my bff.
clay whitley
omgg man we have been friends FOR-EVA!! i love you too much we will always be tight. [never forget that]
christain mann
science is INSANE!! i love you too much thanks for being like my best friend [sory about that lead incident]
micheal boyle
dang girl;; i love you my carwash brother. gym is soo fun!!
haley widdoson
carwash sister for life;; Lmd. too / hannah montana dress is amazingg. im so glad we are friends ily soo much girl. ♥
amanda cunningham
i love this girl she is always there for me [my shoulder to cry on.]
nicole gram
we dont talk much any more, bu honey we will always be friends.
alex dewees
we have so much fun you are sooo awesome!! i love you sooo much...just keep your pants up though =]
gino basso
okay your a little bit on the weird side, but thats why eveyone loves you!
wess chowdury
he is the best big brother in the world dont you forget it
mary caglar
our hannah montana dance is SEXY!! haha good times ily even though we can't control ourselves w/ all of those birdies!!
brittney keup
world history && gym are AH-MAZINGG!!

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