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Useful Expressions


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dar a
to face, to look out upon, overlook
dar a conocer
to make known
dar con
to stumble upon, find, run into
dar cuerda a
to wind
dar gritos
to shout, scream
dar la hora
to strike (the hour)
dar las gracias
to thank
dar recuerdos
to give regards (to)
dar un abrazo
to hug
dar un paseo
to take a walk
dar una vuelta
to take a walk, a stroll
darle igual a
to be all the same to
darle lo mismo a
to be all the same, make no difference to
darse cuenta de (que)
to realize
darse la mano
to shake hands
darse prisa
to hurry
echar (una carta, etc.) al correo
to mail (a letter, etc.)
echar de menos
to miss
echar la culpa
to blame
echarse a perder
to spoil, ruin
echarse a reír
to burst out laughing
echárselas de
to boast of being
hay luna
there is moon
hay neblina
it is foggy
hay polvo
it is dusty
hacer caso
to mind, pay attention, listen to
hacer(le) caso
to pay attention, listen to
hacer(se) daño
to harm, hurt (oneself)
hacer(le) daño a
to damage, to harm
hacer el papel de
to play the role of
hacer falta
to need, to be lacking
hacer hincapié
to emphasize
hacer pedazos
to brake into pieces
hacer saber
to inform, to let someone know
hacer un viaje
to take a trip, to go in a trip
hacer una pregunta
to ask a question
hacer una visita
to pay a visit
hacerse + noun
to become (through one's efforts)
hacerse cargo de
to take charge of
hacerse tarde
to get late
hace buen (mal) tiempo
it is good (bad) weather
hace calor
it is hot
hace fresco
it is cool
hace frío
it is cold
hace viento
it is windy
sacar de quicio
to irritate, to get on someone's nerves
sacar una foto(grafía)
to take a picture
sacar una nota
to get a grade (on a paper or assignment)
dar(se) daño
to hurt, harm (oneself)

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