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Haber and Dar


undefined, object
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dar a
to face, to look out upon
dar con
to come upon, to find
dar cuerda (a)
to wind
dar de beber (comer) a
to give a drink to (to feed)
dar en
to strike against, to hit
dar gritos (voces)
to shout
dar la hora (las siete)
to strike the hour (seven)
darse la mano
to shake hands
dar las gracias (a)
to thank
dar por + past participle
to consider
darse por + past participle
to consider oneself
dar recuerdos (a)
to give regards to
darse cuenta de
to realize
darse prisa
to hurry
dar un abrazo
to embrace
dar un paseo
to take a walk
dar un paseo en coche
to take a ride (in a car)
dar una vuelta
to take a stroll
there is, there are
había, hubo
there was, there were
there will be
there would be
ha habido
there has (have) been
haber de + infinitive
to be (supposed) to, to have to
haber sol
to be sunny
haber (mucho) polvo
to be (very) dusty
haber (mucho) lodo
to be (very) muddy
haber neblina
to be foggy, misty
hay luna
there is moonlight
hay que + infinitive
one must, it is necessary
hay + noun + que + infinitive
there is (are) + noun + infinitive

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