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JLPT4 Type 1 Verbs


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会う / あう
to meet, to interview
開く / あく
to be open
遊ぶ / あそぶ
to play, to make a visit (esp. for pleasure), to be idle
洗う / あらう
to wash
有る / ある
to be, to have
歩く / あるく
to walk
言う / いう
to say
行く / いく
to go
行く / ゆく
to go
要る / いる
to need, to want, to be necessary
歌う / うたう
to sing
売る / うる
to obtain, to acquire, to sell
置く / おく
to put, to place
押す / おす
to push, to press, to stamp (i.e. a passport)
泳ぐ / およぐ
to swim
終る / おわる
to finish, to close
返す / かえす
to return something
帰る / かえる
to go back, to go home, to come home, to return
掛かる / かかる
to take (e.g. time, money, etc), to hang
書く / かく
to write
貸す / かす
to lend
被る / かぶる
to wear, to put on (head), to pour or dash water (on oneself)
聞く / きく
to hear, to listen, to ask
切る / きる
to cut, saw, shear, slice, strip, cut down, turn off, cross (a street), discount, finish (+ many others)
曇る / くもる
to become cloudy, to become dim
消す / けす
to erase, to delete, to turn off power
困る / こまる
to be worried, to be bothered
指す / さす
to point, to put up umbrella, to play
差す / さす
to raise (stretch out) hands, to raise umbrella
死ぬ / しぬ
to die
閉まる / しまる
to close, to be closed
知る / しる
to know, to understand, to be acquainted with, to feel
吸う / すう
to smoke, to breathe in, to suck
住む / すむ
to abide, to reside, to live in, to inhabit, to dwell
座る / すわる
to sit
出す / だす
to put out, to send
立つ / たつ
to stand, to erect, to be erected, to rise, to be built
頼む / たのむ
to request, to beg, to ask
違う / ちがう
to differ (from)
使う / つかう
to use, to handle, to employ, to need, to want (+ many others)
睬く / つく
to arrive at, to reach
作る / つくる
to make, to create, to write, to compose, to build, to cultivate, to organize (+ many others)
飛ぶ / とぶ
to fly, to jump
止まる / 留まる / とまる
to be fixed, to be parked, to abide, to stay (in the one place)
取る / とる
to take, to pick up, to harvest, to earn, to choose
撮る / とる
to take (a photo), to make (a film)
鳴く / なく
to bark, to purr, to make sound (animal)
習う / ならう
to learn
並ぶ / ならぶ
to line up, to stand in a line
成る / なる
to become
脱ぐ / ぬぐ
to take off clothes
登る / のぼる
to climb
飲む / のむ
to drink
乗る / のる
to get on, to ride in, to join (+ many others)
入る / はいる
to enter, to join, to contain (+ many others)
履く / はく
to wear, to put on (lower body)
始まる / はじまる
to begin
走る / はしる
to run
働く / はたらく
to work, to do, to act (+ many others)
話す / はなす
to speak
貼る / はる
to stick, to paste
引く / ひく
to pull, to play (string instr.)
弾く / ひく
to play (piano, guitar)
吹く / ふく
to blow (wind, etc)
降る / ふる
to precipitate, to fall (e.g. rain)
曲る / まがる
to turn, to bend
待つ / まつ
to wait
磨く / みがく
to polish, to shine, to brush, to refine, to improve
持つ / もつ
to hold, to possess, to carry
休む / やすむ
to rest, to take a day off, to be finished, to be absent, to retire, to sleep
遣る / やる
to do, to give (+ many others)
呼ぶ / よぶ
to call out, to invite
読む / よむ
to read
分る / わかる
to be understood
渡す / わたす
to pass over, to hand over
渡る / わたる
to cross over, to go across

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