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King of Rock and Roll
Elvis Presley
King of Rockabilly
Carl Perkins
Father of Bluegrass
Bill Monroe
Jump Band
Louis Jordan
L.A. Rockabilly
Ricky Nelson
Texas Playboys
Bob Wills
Fats Domino's Collaborator
Dave Barthalomew
Payola Scandal
Alan Freed
Sun Records
Sam Phillips
J & M Recording Studios
Cosimo Matassa
"Rogers and Hart" or Rock and Roll
Leiber and Stoller
Mississippi Delta Blues
Robert Johnson
What state was 'Louie Louie' banned in?
T/F: Playlets is a story-song writing style created by the song writing team of Leiber and Stoller
The "Death of Rock and Roll" in rock history happened in February of T/F: 1964 when the Beatles came to America
T/F: The three leading pioneers of soul are Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, and Bobby Darin
T/F: The Ventures, one of the leading instrumental groups of the early 60's, solidified the two guitar/bass/drums line-up that Buddy Holly and Crickets and started
T/F: Aldon Music was a symbol for the popular music (Brill Building pop music of the early 60's) in Philidelphia
T/F: In the early days of rock history, the AM Radio disc jockeys ignored mainstream white major labels and chose to play small independent labels that featured R&B artists
T/F: The success of many "girl groups" is linked to a specific producer that projected his vision rather than the group's vision
T/F: Elvis Presley forced rock music down the mainstream's throat and made it possible to talk about the music as more than a passing fad for rhythm and blues
T/F: The Kingsmen, who recorded "Louie Louie" was the first of many garage bands that rose out of the eraly 1960's
T/F: Ray Charles' music is not considered to be rock and roll. Instead, his music has drawn from an entire spectrum of styles includeing patriotic anthems, showtunes, romantic ballads and even country and western
T/F: The Everly Brothers tight harmonies were a major influence on others such as Simon and Garfunkel, the Beach Boys and John/Paul's harmony of the Beatles
The Mills Brothers (from the 1930's) and the Ink Spots (from the 1940's) are considered to be the doo-wop groups of the pre-rock era
T/F: Jackie Wilson brought his melodic style of gospel to pop songs with crageful ease
T/F: Fueled by the Beatles' "Rubber Soul", Brian Wilson created his master project entitled "Pet Sounds", which is considered by critics to be one of the most important rock albums of the 1960's
Jackie Wilson bought his melodic style of gospel to pop songs with graceful ease
The "wall of sound" of Phil Spector recordings was created by the large groups of instruments used played by L.A. musicians known as the "wrecking crew"
Many doo-wop groups celebrated long and fruitful careers and had a string of top 40 hits
Muddy Waters, a Kansas City blues shouter, was known as the "Boss of Blues"
Jerry Lee Lewis, known as the "killer" was a great showman and viewed as Elvis' rival
Howie Greenfield and Neil Sadaka were the most prolific writing duo at Aldon Music during the Brill Building pop era
The beach Boys were America's answer to the Beatles
Dick Dale, king of the surf guitar, was influenced byt hte guitar playing of Duane Eddy. He took Eddy's style and exaggerated it's twangy sound
Brian Wilson, the genius of the Beach Boys was influenced by the following: Four Freshman, the Beatles and the sound of Sun Records studios produced by Sam Phillips
Bo Diddley's music is known more for the catchy melodies rather than rhythm
Bill Haley and the Comets gained national recognition when their #1 R&R recording was featured as the soundtrack for the movie entitled "Blackboard Jungle"
The music played in most garage bands is created by using complex rhythms (riffs) and sophisiticated harmony
Leiber and Stoller turned to a more serious approach with the Drifters (compared to the Coasters) to develop a high-tech production style known as "Uptown R&B"
Text: The (which group?) introduced white country harmony to rock and roll: High tenors with about a third of a note's difference between their voices, they sang in the country duo tradition of the Delmore Brothers and the Louvon Brothers
The Everly Brothers
Leiber and Stoller turned to a more serious approach with the Drifters (compared to the coasters) to develop a high-tech production syle known as____?
Uptown R&B
Text: The city had already spawned its share of doo-wop gropus and labels, but it was Dick Clark's move to ____, and the emergence of record companies geared to grooming teen idols from among the local Italian populace for exposure on his show that put (t
(Who) grew up in front of the nation on the TV family sitcom "The Adventure of Ozzie and Harriet". He was "America's Darling" before he even sang a note. The show helped his career BUT also put R&R music in America's living room
Ricky Nelson
The first R&R tune to reach #1 in the pop charts was by Bill Haley and the Comets. What was the title of this song?
"Rock Around the Clock"
In the 1950's, Disc Jockeys received payment "under the table" for music airplay. this was known as what?
Chess Records is located in the city of ____?
The music of ___ was aimed at youth. He wrote about cars, girls, driving, drive-ins, dancing, rock and roll and the facts of life
Chuck Berry
Text: Through multi-tracking (WHO) made his rhythm section sound like armies, turned the beat into a murderous massed cannonade. No question, his records were the loudest, fiercest, most magnificent explosions that rock has yet produced
Phil Specter
(WHO) had one of the most graceful voices in the 60's soul music. The sound of his voice was quite different that Ray Charles; it had a more floating quality.
Sam Cooke
Text: (WHO): The Genius, the High Priest of Soul... For black America he brought the feeling of the church into secular music and crystallized an era.
Ray Charles
Text: (His group) was proabbly the first white group to feature the lead-rhythm-bass-drums lineup... In addition, (WHO) popularized the Fender Stratocaster and was probably the only rock star to wear glasses on stage
Buddy Holly
J&M recording studios was located in the city of ______?
New Orleans
(WHO) gained more fame in England that America and was a major influence on British guitar players. He was known for the early development of the power chord sound in rock music and his biggest American hit, "Summertime Blues" was later covered by The Who
Eddie Cochran
With the arrival of the Beatles the girl groups of the early sixties began to decline. Phil Spector produced a soulful male duo act that was to be his last great success in that era. Singers Bill Medley and Bobby Hafield were the male duo known as (WHO)
The Righteous Brothers
"Be My Baby"
The Ronettes
"Bye Bye Love"
The Everly Brothers
"Leader of the Pack"
The Shangri-Las
"I Got a Woman"
Ray Charles
"Good Golly Miss Molly"
Little Richard

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