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history of rock and roll


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the byrds
o Was the groups that managed to synthesize Dylan and the Beatles
mr. tamborine man
oDeclared the first folk-rock hit in rock history
eight miles high
o herald as the first drug tune and led the music into the psychedelic period
janis joplin
oShe is a representation of a culture and a generation (much like Dylan) oShe broke the barriers for women in the music industry oShe sang the blues to transcend pain
jimi hendrix
⬢Redefined the guitar and guitar performance ⬢Was able to explore and master ALL the sonic force of the instrument ⬢Had the gift and the ability to harness the distortions ⬢The sounds (distortion, feedback, wah-wah) was not for gimmick -three first albums are his best
the doors
-morrison viewed as father of contemporary rock -attempt to marry rock with poetry oWas an influence for rockers such as Alice Cooper or even Marilyn Manson
led zeppelin
oConsidered to be the first band of heavy metal oEstablished the concept of album oriented rock oExample: Stairway to Heaven was never a single oLater albums move to the interest of folk-derived material and Celtic mythology
Jimmy Paige
•Along with Hendrix – expanded the sonic vocabulary of he electric guitar
Frank Zappa
o One of the most accomplished composers of the rock era o His music combines an understanding of and appreciation of: • 20th Century Composers: Stravinsky, Stockhausen and Varese • late-50’s doo-wop rock and roll • social satire and stinging wit • avant-garde jazz • guitar-heavy rock and R&B •collages of many styles
⬢ Makes use of jazz elements such as a harmony and sometimes feel ⬢ Form and composition is on a more sophisticated level -two bands: blood sweat and tears, chicago
-brass soli sections -more oriented (driving guitar solos)
Blood sweat and tears
more jazz oriented
o Never quite fit into the mainstream rock and roll of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s o Sowed the seeds of the punk revolution of the late ‘70s
o Essentially laid the foundations for the emergence of punk o Led by John Sinclair (leader of the infamous White Panther Party)
alice cooper
-father of shock rock o Influenced by comic book stories & RKO horror movie shows
iggy pop
-considered godfather of punk music o Carried on the stage drama of Jim Morrison and the Doors -early group was the Stooges
Art Rock (classical rock)
⬢ Blending of classical music with rock ⬢ References to mythology ⬢ Music makes use of odd meters and frequent mood/tempo changes ⬢ Large percentage of art rock bands were British ⬢ Attempt to legitimate rock music ⬢ Aimed to broaden the market of listeners of rock music ⬢ Punk music was a revolt of Art Rock music
Art Rock vs. Progressive Rock
• Art Rock – rock music influenced by classical music • Progressive Rock: rock music influenced more by jazz styles
o Returned rock and roll to the basics o Three chords and simple melody o in America, punk remained an underground sensation o in UK, it was a full-scale phenomenon o CBGB’s – punk club in skid row section of Bowery (NY)
two most popular punk bands
⬢ The Ramones (U.S.-New York) ⬢ The Sex Pistols (Great Britain)
Richard Hell
o One of the original punk rockers to emerge from New York City in early/mid 70’s o Often pointed to as a major influence by other subsequent punk bands
o One of the most creative bands to emerge form N.Y.’s punk scene of the mid-‘70s o Viewed to be the antithesis of the “happy culture” (hippies) o Back to short hair and street clothes (replaced the extravagant) o CBGB’s became an important venue for punk and new wave bands
Patti Smith
o Improvised lyrics that reflected life in New York o Mixed rock classics with dramatic readings
The Ramones
o Most popular of punk bands o Crystallized the musical ideals of the genre o Cut rock and roll down to its bare essentials o ****The Ramones created something that was rooted in early ‘60s, pre-Beatles rock and roll and pop but sounded revolutionary. Their music has been labeled b some as “BUBBLE GUM PUNK”
o Most commercially successful band of punk/new wave movement o Deborah Harry became the first successful punk artist o Blend of hard-edged rock sound with 60’s girl-group cliches o Rapture has been cited as one of the first rap songs of rock
the beatles: early period
Pop Style Love songs Driving beat / Up Tempo First 4 Albums: Please Please Me With the Beatles A Hard Day’s Night Beatles for Sale
the beatles: middle period
More acoustic/folk elements (Dylan influence) Introspective style emerges Individuality more evident Social statements in songs Next 2 albums: Help Rubber Soul
the beatles: late period
Use of studio techniques Music more individualized More artistic composition Added instrumentation Drug influenced Remaining 7 albums: Revolver Sgt. Pepper Magical Mystery Tour Yellow Submarine The Beatles (White Album) Let It Be Abbey Road
sex pistols
o The anti-British group o Represented the young bored Brits o Rebelled against the staunch upper class
bill grundy show
o Started the spiral out of control of the Sex Pistols

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