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Spanish Heros


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Emiliano Zapata
1869-1918, revolutionary in mexico, good
Cesar Romero
1932-1994, u.s., puerto rican, actor/comedian, joker
Placido Domingo
one of the three tenors, alive
Rigoberta Menchu
guatemala, human rights, nobel prize, family assassinated
fictional character, diego de la vega, 1800's, california
mexico city, 1911-1993, actor, kidney cancer, comedian
Angela Salinas
military, 1948, texas, woman
Ceaser Chavez
arizona, 1927-1993, migrant worker, civil rights
Andres Segovia
father of the guitar, spanish, 1896-1987
Benito Juarez
1806-1872, Mexico, president, fought with french
Eva Peron
second wife of juan peron 1919-1953, cancer, spiritual leader
Celia Cruz
1925-2003, singer, Cuba, many albums and songs, salsa
Oscar Sanchez
costa rica, 1940, president, nobel prize winner
Pancho Villa
revolutionary, 1878-1910, criminal, mexico, shot to death, robber, raper
Tito Puente
musician, 1923-2000, guatemala
Ricardo Montalban
mexico, 1920, alive, actor, won an emmy
Che guevara
Argentina, 1920-1970 approx., revolutionary in cuba, guatemala, chile, famous picture
Salvador Allende
1908-1973, government official, chile, helped commies, didn't like u.s., president, asassinated

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