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Guilded Age 2


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What is an Injunction?
court issue ordered by judge when there is a stirke that effects safty, economy or public health
Who is Samuel Gompers?
Founder of the AFL (american federation of labor... later created the CIO for unskilled workers.
Who was Joseph Coxey?
Led a march from Ohio to Washington D.C over the gold crisis in 1892. Had "an army" by the time he got there
Booker T. Washington, who is he?
fomous black educatior who was a politicol leader. Founded "tuskegee"university
Atlanta Compromise
Speech to allow blacs in labor unions
Floods of Immagrants (years) and titles of the migrants
1940- Old Immagrants
1980 New Immagrents
Why did the immagrants flood to america (4 reasons)
economic reasons
plitical reasons
religious reasons
natural disasters
open and closed door policy
open- no limit to immagrants
closed-limit except for angel island and ellis island
City Transportaion (4 types)
1) Horse drawn trolly
2) cable car
3) electric street car
4) subway
Edward Thorndike
Created the IQ test. Rate of learning divided by your age.
John Duey
educator THEORY "learn by doing"
2 new churches (names)
1) Christian Science -founded by women (mary baker edddy)
2) Salvation Army- fpunded by William Booth (go to heaven by doing good deeds)
Charles Darwin
Caused a major uprising in Religion due to his book "the decent of man" EVOLUTION
3 major news papers & Editors
1) New York World- Joshph Pulitzer
2) New York Journal- William Randolph Hurst
3) New York Sun- Charles Dana
Competiton from the 3 major news papers led to (2 things)
1) Yellow Journalism- false sensation journalism
2)Spanish American War
3 innovations of the News Paper
1) sports section
2) comic section
3) Advice column
2 famous news paper reporters
1) Nelie Bly- most famous fe-male reporter (human intrest)
2) Henry Standly- famous man of mystery. travled to africa to find dr.livingstone
What was local color?
1) form of and literature most famous writer of this style. Mark Twain
Famous Authors of the Age
(6)( book and author)
1) O'Henry- William Porter
2) Hartio Alger- boy stories/ them of "work hard you will make it in life"
3)Bret Hart- Western Frontier
4)Joes Harris- Uncle Remis tales IMORTANT *only documented aferican american fairy tales
5) Lewis Wallace- Ben'Hur BLOCKBUSTER!!! -fall of the roman empire
6) Edmund Bellamy- "looking backwards"
Famous Poets of the Age (3)
1) Paul Dunbar
2)Emily Dickenson
3)Walt Whitman...most famous
Famous Artist of the Age (4)
1) Winslo Homer- Landscapes and seascapes, one of the most reproduced in the U.S.
2) Thomas Eakins- "dr.gross" then did sports paintings!! wonderful
3) Henry Tanner- Deep south art (black)
4) James Whistler- painted poitrats "the arrangement in black and gray" (whistlers mother)
"the yellow kid"
The 1st comic strip
-infant boy wearing a yellow dress, smart mouth, UGLY
What is a Settlement House
-community center that offered 1) free meals
2) TEMPORARY shelter
Who was Jane Addams
-Guilded Age mother Tarisa 1st **AMERICAN** woman to win Nobel Peace Prize
3 famous Architectual Landmarks of the Guilded Age
1) Brooklyn Bridge
2) Central Park
3) Dept. Store (buyers palace)
3 types of Theatre
2)Melo Drama
Music of the Age
Ragtime-Scott Joplin
Band-John Phillip Sousa
Sports (3)
Baseball- Abner Doubleday (British)
Football- Walter Camp(British)
Basketball- James Neighsmith (AMERICAN!!)
Pastime Sports (6)
sandlot ball
reading(10cent novels)
Victrola (old record player)
Circus (name and theme)
Barnum and Bailey "the greatest show on earth"
Coney Island... what was it
An Island that was a beach and an amusement park... one side beach then over the BOARDWALD amusemnt land
5 points New York
DANGEROUS!!! 5 ethnic islands meet at one point
Poor language spoken by uneducated german and polish jews.
Hatred of Imagrents
Native Born
Born in a Country
Problems w/ Tenements then the solution
1) Dieases
2) Fire
-Dubell Tenements

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