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What is the definition of chemotherapy?
treatment given to kill or suppress growth of malignant cells without killing normal cells
Why is does an important factor during chemotherapy treatment?
Because higher doses can kill normal cells, so it is important to make a correct dose
What is meant by selective toxicity?
drugs are more toxic to cancer cells than to normal cells, however most drugs do not demonstrate this
Which part of the cell cycle does active mitosis occur?
mitosis- M phase
How long does the M phase generally last?
1 hour
What happens in the S phase of the cell cycle?
DNA synthesis occurs for chromosome doubling
What phase is the cells at rest which inherently makes these cells resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs?
G-"0", Gap zero phase
What are the three classifications based on toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs?
cycle non specific
cycle specific
phase specific
What phase is RNA and protein synthesis occuring?
G-"2" phase, Gap two phase
What drug(s) are classified under cycle non specific drugs?
nitrogen mustards, and increase cyclophostomides(alkalizing agents)
What drug(s) are classified under cycle specific drugs?
Doxirubacin, and decrease in dose of alkalizing agents (cyclophostomides)
What drug(s) are classified under phase specific drugs?
plant alkaloids, Vincristine
What are the classes of cancers in dogs and cats?
category 1, 2, and 3
What is a category 1 cancer?
tumor in which cells are exquisitely sensitive to chemotherapy
What is a category 2 cancer?
tumor in which cells are only modestly sensitive to chemotherapy
What is a category 3 cancer?
tumor for which chemotherapy is only rarely of any value for palliation or cure
Which of the categories of tumors is euthansia alternative advise?
Category 3
In case of a transmissable veneral tumor, Category 1 tumor, what treatment can be administered?
How is chemotherapy resistance developed?
through acquired drug resistance
What are three ways of acquired drug resistance to chemotherapy treament?
1. development of alternate pathways to avoid chemo's mechanism of action
2. decrease in the fraction of tumor cells actively dividing after several cycles fo treatment
3. biologic sanctuary
What are the chemotherapy regimens?
induction, remission, consolidation, and maintenance
Which of the chemotherapy regimens are intensive chemotherapy?
What is defined as the period in which no measurable tumor is found?
What is consolidation?
therapy with different drugs after remission, to produce larger tumor cells killed
What is maintance?
pulse therapy to maintain gains from induction
What factors are best estimated with body surface area?
basal metabolic rate, blood volume, cardiac output, and renal function
What are the five guidelines for beginning chemotherapy?
1. use only when a diagnosis fo malignancy has been definitively established
2. will tumor respond to treatment in reasonable percent of other cases
3. follow marker to determine if chemo is a benefit fo should it be discontinued
4. Patient need proper supportive facilities
5. Owner compliance
What are six common side effects of chemotherapy?
myelosuppression, infections, GI toxicities, Phlebitis/local necrosis, Alopecia, Gonadal function infertility
What drugs can cause myelosuppression in dogs and cats?
cyclophosphamide, carboplatin, Doxorubicin, CCNU, and BCNU
"Rid-dif" is outside the vein, what condition will follow and how is it corrected?
tissue necrosis to dilute wash with saline, DMSO, etc.

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