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After a pregnancy diagnosis is made. A military or civilian medical health care provider must confirm pregnancy.
True or False
Once pregnancy is confirmed who has the responsibility of counseling the service member
service womens CO
What will the counceling topics on pregnancy include
Military entitlements
Maternity care and worldwide assignability
Servicewomen should expect that requests for separation due to pregnancy will normally be?
Extenuating circumstances for separation should be submitted prior to what week of pregnancy?
week 20
Command counseling will be documented and recorded by service record entries
True or False
A pregnant servicewoman who has the potential for exposure to occupational reproductive hazards shall be afforded the opportunity for counseling by an occupational health care provider, if requested
True or False
What are the General Limitations of a pregnant service woman?
Exempt from PRT for 6 months following delivery.
Exempt from exposure to chemical or toxic agents.
standing at parade rest or attention for longer than 15 minutes.
routine immunizations.
participation in weapons training, swimming quals, drown proofing, and diving duty.
A pregnant service women may not work shifts.
True or False
If the work site has not had a recent industrial hygiene site survey. Permanent removal of the pregnant servicewoman from an industrial setting should be indicated.
True or False
False, Temporary
Until an occupational health care provider can be Consulted for evaluation of the site survey.
What are the Specific Limitations on the servicewoman during the last 3 months of pregnancy?
Allowed to rest 20 minutes every 4 hours.
Limited to a 40-hour work week, with or without duty.
No servicewomen may be assigned overseas or travel overseas after the completion of what week of pregnancy?
28th week
Service women with pregnancies that existed prior to entrance or certified during initial training can stay in the Navy if they so choose.
True or False
False, shall be denied entrance or discharged as unqualified for military service
A pregnant service woman shall not remain on board ship if the time for medical evacuation of the member to a treatment facility capable of evaluating and stabilizing obstetric emergencies is greater than how many hours.
6 hours
The COs shall ensure the enlisted availability report includes the date the pregnant servicewoman will be in her _____ week of pregnancy,the date replacement required, and in the case of deploying units, the date of deployment. The servicewoman shall not
20th week
All transfer assignments are deferred up to a period of ____months following delivery unless the servicewoman volunteers for an earlier rotation, in which case a waiver is required. The billet assignment must be in what category?
4 months

"hot fill" billet
Pregnancy is considered disqualifying for designated flight status personnel.
True or False
True, however, waivers may be requested.
Servicewomen deferred from overseas transfer due to pregnancy will have their projected rotation date adjusted to remain at their current duty station until 4 months following delivery.
True or False
Pregnant servicewomen stationed at an overseas duty station without available housing or adequate OB/GYN care, can stay were their at with CO approval.
True or False
False, will be reassigned prior to the 20th week of pregnancy.
Can pregnant active duty servicewoman with no family members reside in bachelor quarters for her full term?
A host commander must approve off-base housing and shall be paid BAH from the 20th week forward. (May request even earlier)
True or False
Pregnant servicewomen have special rights and responsibilities they may not be the same administrative and disciplinary actions other naval personnel receive.
Pregnant servicewomen have the same rights and responsibilities and are subject to the same administrative and disciplinary actions as all other naval personnel.
Who shall ensure that pregnant service women are not adversely evaluated or receive adverse fitness reports/ evaluations as a consequence of pregnancy.
The CO
Weight standards for pregnant service members will be extended for up to 9 months after delivery.
True or False
False, 6 months
Can a servicewoman wear maternity uniform after convalescent leave.
Yes, the CO can approve the uniform for up to 6 months from the date of delivery
When do servicewomen receive the clothing allowance?
Upon presenting the pregnancy notification from the CO/officer in charge to PSD.
Servicewomen, who separate under honorable conditions because of pregnancy, can receive maternity care for that pregnancy,up to 6 weeks following delivery, only in Military Treatment Facilities on a space available basis only if what?
The servicewoman presents documented evidence that reflects that a physical examination given at a MTF demonstrates that she was pregnant prior to her separation from active duty
The MTF to which she applies for care has the capability of providing maternity care.
Before deciding to accept a discharge or resign from the service, a pregnant servicewoman should contact the Health Benefits Advisor of the MTF that she plans to use, to determine what?
If facility provides maternity care
If the facility is close enough to her planned place of residence to provide her assurance that, barring emergency requirements, she can reach it expeditiously at the time of birth
If the facility's workload will permit acceptance of her case.
How much Convalescent leave is authorized for a normal delivery.
42 days
Can a servicewoman have leave on top of convalescent leave.
Yes, with CO's authorization

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