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does cardiac failure cause transudate or exudate
trans /hydrostatic
what are several factors that might complicate cytologic eval
1) inflam and reactive mesos in a continuum of beniign to malig may give illusiion 2)localization may entrap malig cells out of reach of needle 3)clotted fluid may entrap malig cs 4)may be sm # cs
the neo most likely to be manifested as papillary tiss frag in serous fl is metastatic A) carc of r B)lymphoma C) melanoma of skin D)ovarian carc
what is key to identifying mesothelioma
no second malig c pop
describe malig meso cyto and N
rim of ragged less dense cyto-ectoplasm surrounding N
does decrease of oncotic pres produce exudate or transudate
what is lymphoma
Lymphoma is a type of solid neoplasm that originates in lymphocytes of white blood This is in contrast to lymphoid leukemia, which is a malignancy of circulating cells.[1]
2 most common causes of lymphocytic and eosinophilic effusions
pneumonia and neoplasm
can asbestos be implicated in meso
what are features of mesothelioma
uniform pop of malig cs-may be on continuum-benign to malig: singly or 20-100gpl :uniformdense cyto :enlarged atypical N : intercellular windows due to peripheral ruffled cyto sheets and aggregates
define acute inflam
Definition: Acute inflammation is a rapid response to an injurious agent that serves to deliver mediators of host defense-leukocytes and plasma proteins-to the site of injury.
along with leukemia, the most common cause of malig effusions in children
what are 3 most common tumors to appear in pleural cavity of women
breast,lung, ovarian
intro air into pl cav
compare benign and malig lymphocytes
neoplastic lymphos small monotonous but much larger than benign N vesicular with clefting and lobulation variable prom Ni
why do transudates have low cell count and protein
ultrafiltration of plasma
what cond arae cannon-balls assoc with
which morphologic feature are the cells of diffuse malig meso in serous fl likely to exhibitA)vac cytoB)discretenessC)finely sstippled chromatinD)multinuc
C and B
sm uniform lymphos in pleural eff may indicate what 3 conds
TB, thoractic duct obstruction,leukemia,lymphoma
about how many cs in 3d adeno papillary or acinar formation-cannon balls
20 or more
which of the following is least likely to exhibit wide-spread necrosis if cs in serous effA)metastatic adenoB)pleural empyema C) malig lymphoma D) rheumatoid pericarditis
A metastatic adeno
diag sensitivity improved when cytology combined with what tech
cell block
do exudates have high cellularity
surf of organs
fluid where most lymphocytic effusions found
what is chronic inflam
Definition: Inflammation in which mononuclear leukocytes, including lymphocytes, plasma cells (plasmocytes), and macrophages (histiocytes) predominate.
what are most common pleural cavity tumors in men
lung adeno,gi
what is leukemia
(Greek leukos ______, "white"; aima ____, "blood") cancer of the blood or bone marrow / characterized by an abnormal proliferation of blood cells, usually white blood cells (leukocytes).
ascites in fem may indicate what carc
can individual malig meso cs be seen
do benign mesos have Ni
3most common peritoneal met tumors in women
are most transudates malig or benign
type of nearly all cells in TB
meso most common in which cav
what c described; abundant cyto lg round N smooth memb, one or more Ni
benign meso
non infectious inflam effusions caused by
underlying conds, such as automimmune disorder,arthritis, lupus or reactive cond from stimuli such as tissue necrosis,radiation
3most common peritoneal effusion in men
body cav walls
infectious effusion with high # lymphocytes may indicate what disease
why are there few to no meso in TB
which more common mesotheliomas or adenos
lymphocytes and a few meso cells in eff may indicate
articulation at flattened opposed surfaces is characteristic of what
meso cs
describe N of non-hodgkins lymphoma
irreg n memb and prom Ni
transudate or exudate:cellular, cloudy, yellow or bloody, high prot, high spec gr
can crystals be seen in peritoneal washes
pleural fl that has giant multinuc macs in bkgrnd kof gran mat A) rheumatoid pleuritis B) tb pneumonia C) lg cell lymphoma D) esophagopleural fistula
A rheumatoid pleuritis
can fungal infections occur in effusions
pic cong ht failure
transudate,mostly lymphocyte,leukocyte,histeocyte,clear fluid
3 conds decreased oncotic pressure
cirrhosis,nephrosis, malnutrition
are lymphomas more common in adults or children
a distinct pop of discohesive cs with necrotic bkgrnd suggests what type lymphoma
non-hodgkins lymphoma
usual prep method for effusions
cytospin or smear
a spec of peritoneal fl that has a distinctly mucoid consistency is likely to be from A)peritoneal mesothelioma B)pseudomyxoma peritonei C)ppurulent peritonitis D) metastatic carc of breast
Bpseudomyxoma peritonei
what metastatic tumor most likely to invade pericardium
4 classifications of fluids
do individual non-hodgkins lymphoma cs vary in size

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