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Foundations of Therapeutic Touch Class 1


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What is the Definition of Swedish Message?
Soothing Relaxing Strokes
What is Intention?
Something you set to not worry about perception being wrong, clear your mind before message
Two different types of message?
Mechanical, expressive
Who seperated mechanical and expressive
James Mennell
definition - Mechanical Message - expressive message
Mechanical-specific message
Expressive-conveys empathy and comfort
definition - Chakras
Energy centers of the body
name the chakras
Root - Spleen - solar plexes - heart - throat - brow - crown
what are the chakras colors
crown;whitish clear
where are the chakra located
root base of spine
spleen over spleen
solar plexes above naval
heart center of chest
throat base of throat
brow forehead
crown top of head
What happened with message in the 1800's that was significant?
Message scandals
What led to the scandals?
Undertrained or not trained at all message therapists leading to the term of massuse
Charles and George Taylor
Brought swedish movement to U.S.
Per Henrik Ling
Developing of message active and passive movement
Johann Megzer
Translated message to the scientific community
Aulus Celsus
Wrote De Medecina (Roman)
Hippocrates of Cos
First physician to describe the benefits of message (Greek)
Albert Hoffa
Described the terms of massage used today
What are Albert Hoffas terms of message? And what do they mean?
Eflorage - Long Strokes
Petrosage - deep message
Tapotement - taping or chopping
Vibration - shaking or swaying
James Mennell
Coined terms of mechanical message and expressive message
Elizabeth Dicke
Developed connective tissue message CTM also known as Bindegewebsmessage
James Cyriax
Helped carry on Lings work
Emil Vodder
Developed manual Lymphatic drainage
Tiffany Fields
Director of the Touch Research Institute
Dolores Kreiger
Developed Therapeutic Touch
What are the different "Clssifications" of Touch?
Hostile, erotic, appropriate
Definition - Therapeutic Message
Professional Structured touch
Name some Oriental Approaches
Ty Message, Shiat zu
Name some Structural and Postural Integration Approaches
Rolfing CTM (Bindegewebsmessage)
What is the function of Structural and Postural integration approaches?
to Manipulate connective tissue to bring you into alignment
Name some Neuromuscular Approaches
Trigger Point Reflexology
What is the purpose of Manual Lymphatic Drainage
To help eliminate lymphatic fluids
Name some types of Energetic approaches
Raiky myofascia
Why are Craniosacral and Myofascial approaches used?
to help increase movement in the body
what is an example of applied Kinesiology?
Prenadal massage
Naturopathy - definition
Nutrition or holistic healing
Osteopathic Medicine
Muscular system related to all other systems.

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