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church splits
geographical: Christianity is moving. Islam begins speading, cuts N. Africa and middle east up, divider b/w Asian/African church
Eastern Orthodox/Western Roman: 1054 E.O. condems W.R. and W.R. in turn condemns EO-motivation for quite aways
seat of W.R. (speaking Latin)
Constantinopole- seat of EO (greek culture-speaking greek)-prospers until 1453-Turks sak Constan.
What caused split?
1. Filiogue-main theological reason (Latin of the son) when Nicene creed is written in Latin, word added not used in Greek church-changes what they agreed on. WR thinks HS proceeds from Father and Son
What caused split? cont
2. Political- Patriarch (father) East has this West has different idea. their bishop (pope-papa) should be the center authority
Matt 16:18- on this rock I build my church (Peter)
first bishop of Rome- they think should be center; others don't like this. Catholic-universal, Roman Catholic Church. uniate- eastern people who want to be RC
What caused split? contd
3. Triple Immersion- East do this, head under water 3 times (F, S, HS) West one immersion, sprinkling
Western Europe
papacy- structure of Pope
different kings and kingdoms consistency is R.C.C new land wants to be blessed by pope
monestaries become center of town/civic life, places of learning
church university system, cap & gown=monk, greatest intellectuals are part of church
scholastic philosophers
Christian, well-educated, result of Crusades
6 Crusades (1095-1244)
motivation- control Holy Land (religious) Holy War
political tarde routes- spices. Greek philo comes in-Zero, alg, guitar...enhances Christ.
Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109)
from Italy makes his way to England- archbishop of Canterbury. "I believe so that I may understand" Christian- believe so he can then understand faith then reason
Anselm contd
God's existance is part of us. Imagine perfect island you can conceive. What would be greater than a God that didn't exist? One that did- He is perfect so He has to
logically- can't disprove existance of God
Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)
from Italian city of Aquino (outside Napels) moves to teach in Paris- domincian monk, writing books on theology from Aristotle (implies to Christianity)
Aquinas contd
calls God unmoved mover or prime over (1st cause)
5 proofs for existance of God (from philo of Arist.)
last proof: teleological proof- we have evidence of existance of God b/c of nature b/c of system, therefore there must be a divine plan/planner

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