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Church History 5


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Bartholomew de Las Casas
* 1st priest ordained in the new world
* advocated Native American rights
St. Augustine, FL
* oldest city/1565
* Established by Spaniards with the purpose of driving out French Protestants
Massachusetts Bay Colony
* Established by Roger Williams/1628
* Churches adopted congregational form of government
* No religious toleration

Denominationalism vs. Sectarianism
1. Within the body of Christ (Apostles/Nicene creed)
2. Exclusivism/Differ in major points of doctirine
Roger Williams
* Organized first baptist church in America/1742
* Minister of Pilgrim Church at Plymouth
* Made friends with Indians

John Eliot
* 'Apostle to the Indians'
* Wrote first Bible in America (Algonquian) 1663
Algonquin Indian Language Bible
Robert Aiken
* Printed first English Bible in the New World/1782
* Petitioned Congress in 1782 to print 1st English Bible in New World
Half-Way Covenant
* Partial membership in church; can participate in public worship, NOT Lord's supper
* Want children to learn some
* Didn't believe Christ died for sins
*Jonathan Edwards' church

Great Awakening
* A series of religious revivals
* /1720
Jonathan Edwards
*fiery preacher in Great Awakening
* tried to revitalize faith
* baptized children
* knew Latin, Greek, Hebrew
* struggled with Calvinist doctirine on sovereignty of God
* Missionary to NA Indians and wrote 'Freedom of the Will'

* Ppl in MA who did not wish to belong to the Congregational Church were driven out of the colony
* States denied the sponsered religion
* 1786

Manifest Destiny
/Westward Expansion
* supplanted pagan practices of native peoples
Plan of Union
* Shared congregations while expanding West
* 2 churches agreed that is would be permissible for Congregational and Presbyterian settlers to found churches together
* Congregationalists and Presbyterians

Second Great Awakening
* Produced new sects and new branches
* Presbyterians, baptists, methodists
Camp Meetings: preachers engaged in impassioned exhortations and prayers; occured at camps with fires, etc.
Charles Finney
* Greatest revivalist of the time
* Established the Oneida Community (communistic community)
Billy Grahm
preacher in 20th century; revivalist
Joseph Smith
* had visions at an early age
* professed that the angel "Morini appeared to him
* Said existing churches were in error and that the Bible of the Western world lay buried in a hill nearby
* dug up a stone box with a book made of thin golden plates
* translated ^ in 1830 as The Book of Mormon

Followers of 'Joseph the Prophet'
* Baptism for the Dead
* Celestial marriage
* Distorn Bible's translation and added books

Ellen White
founder of Adventists
*Preached on second coming of Christ
*generous giving and abstain from alcahol

Mary Baker Eddy
* wrote 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures' (textbook for Christian Science)
* Scientific system of divine healing
Christian Scientism
* Bible thorugh science; world=illusion; God=seperate from creation
Charles Russell
leader of Jehova's Witnesses
* 1872
* originated in Pittsburgh

Jehova's Witnesses
* Give generously of time and money to missionary activity
*All members are ministers and take no titles
* Circulate a LOT of literature
* Deny the Trinity and the Deity of Christ

7 Major Denominations of Black Church
3 Methodist; 3 Baptist; 1 COGIC
African Methodist Episcopal Church

AME Zion Church
* Blacks were converted by slave masters
* Concerned with Salvation of the WHOLE person (body, mind, spirit)
* 'Freedom Church'

Charles Mason=founder
* preached in Selma
* full gifts of the Spirit

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