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words often confused


undefined, object
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Respectfully, Respectively
-хүндэтгэн ёсолсон
The Audience rose respectfully when the president entered.

-тус тусаар,тус тусын,нэрлэсэн дарааллаар
The Thompsons lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York respectively.

Stationary, Stationery
-The Only time most children are stationary is when they are sleep.
-That stationery store sells fancy writing paper and envelops.

-adj. 1. хөдөлдөггүй, зөөдөггүй. 2. хөдөлгөөнгүй. 3. байнгын, тогтвортой; байран, суурин.

-n. бичгийн хэрэгсэл.

1.formal, formally,
2.former, formerly
-The meeting was conducted very formally.
-June was formerly a member of that club.

1.2. албан ёсны. adv. 1. албан ссоор 2. албаны үүднээс, сс журмын дагуу,

2.adj. 1. хуучин, түрүүчийн, урьд цагийн. adv. урьд нь, өмнө нь, хэзээ ч

healthful, healthy
-Vegetables are healthful foods.
-All of his children are healthy.

-эрүүл чийрэг,эмчилгээний,эрүүл мэндэд тустай, good for one's health

-adj. (-ier, -iest) 1. эрүүл, саруул. a ~ child эрүүл хүүхэд. in a good condition of health.

-The magician created the illusion that he was flying through the air.
-The professor made an allusion to Greek mythology.

1.хоосон үзэгдэл,бүтэшгүй үзэгдэл,хуурмаг үзэгдэл,хоосон юм,бүтэшгүй санаа, "unreal image", "a false idea"

2.битүү дохио,цөллөг,иш татах,дурьдах,дохио сануулга,битүү сануулга

quiet, quite
-It was a very quiet party.
-He is quite tall.
1.all ready
1 is an adjective phrase meaning "completely ready."
-We were all ready to leave at eight o'clock.

2 is an adverb of time meaning "by or before a specific time."
-He had already eaten when I arrived.

1.all together
-The children are all together now and ready to go to the park.

-I am altogether tired.

-John was standing beside me.

-Everyone besides John went to the party.

-She bought some white cloth to make a wedding dress.
-She bought a lot of clothes when she was in Paris.
1.differ from
2.differ with
1 is "dissimilar"
farther is "real distance"
-We have to drive a few miles farther.

further is "time, quantity, degree"
-let us consider this problem further. (time)
-We should do further research on this matter. (quantity)
-Be careful not to excite the children further. (degree)

-i cannot decide between these tow blouses.

-He was standing among several students.

Raise must have an object.
-Please raise the window a little.
-The Browns raised their children.
-The Store has raised its prices.
-the new book is raising many interesting questions.

Rise cannot take an object.
-The temperature rises sharply in the afternoon.
-the sun rose at seven yesterday.
-Prices have risen a great deal lately.
-The baby's temperature is rising by the hour.

Set must have an object.
-Do not set your glass on the piano.
-She set her purse on the floor last night.
-Have you set the table yet?
-Setting the vase on the coffee table, Mary noticed that the vase had a crack in it.

Sit cannot take an object.
-He sits by the window
-The guests have already sat down.
-The vase is sitting on the table.

Lay must have an object.
-You should lay the tiles very evenly.
-Mary laid his son on her bed early this afternoon.
-That hex has laid six eggs this week

Lie cannot take an object.
-John lies on his bed for a few minutes after lunch every day.
-Mary lay on the sofa all yesterday afternoon.
-The watch had lain unnoticed for several days before I found it.

hanged, hung
-The murderer was hanged by the neck until dead.
-The picture was hung over the fireplace.
kind of
sort of
kind of = a
sort of = a
-That is a kind of plant


-Mary suspects that her assistant may be stealing from her.

expressing purpose
for + noun phrase
-John went to California for a rest.
to + verb (infinitive)
-John went to California to ski.

ordinal, cardinal
the + ordinal + N
-the first book.

N + cardinal
-book one

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