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GRE biology


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lipoproteins which transport fats from the intestines to other tissues
components of a phospholipid
glycerol + two fatty acid chains + a phosphate group attached to an R group
components of glycerides and how they attach
glycerol + 1-3 fatty acids chains attached via esterification
when amphipathic (contain a hydrophilic and phobic ends) lipids surround a fat droplet and break it into smaller particles.
how amino acids attach
dehydration synthesis (-H2O)
primary structure of amino acids
linear chain
quaternary structure
multi-subunit structures that have different properties than the individual subunits.
secondary structure of amino acids (two kinds)

alpha helices - standard helix

beta-pleated sheets - sort of railroad tracks (vertical layering of paper towels) 

tertiary structure of amino acids
di-sulfide bridges
a monomeric amino acids at pH of 7

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