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Communications 2


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What is defined as the exchange of information by sending and receiving messages, which results in understanding between the sender and the receiver?
What are the five elements of communication? (any order)
sender, message, channel of transmission, receiver, and response.
What is defined as a specialized or technical language of a trade, a profession, or a group of people?
What is defined as a nonstandard vocabulary used and understood by a small group of people?
What are words called that sound alike yet may have a different meaning to the receiver than was intended by the sender?
What is defined as an intentional effort to hear a message and understand its meaning?
active listening
What is defined as weakness or paralysis of muscles of the lips, tongue, and throat due to brain damage from a stroke or accident?
What is a language disorder, due to brain damage, in which the client has difficulty saying what he/she is thinking and wants to say?
expressive aphasia
What is a language disorder, due to brain damage, in which the client cannot understand what
is being said to him/her either through written or spoken word and gestures?
receptive aphasia
What is defined as a passive awareness of sound?
How should you answer the telephone at work?
identify the department (any order)
identify yourself by first and last name
state your title
Listening, speaking, writing, collaboration, problem solving, and decision-making are essential to what?
effective communication
As a new employee you may be assigned to learn from a wise and trusted counselor, teacher, tutor, coach or advisor. What is this person called?
Active listening focuses on what ability?
What is defined as an appraisal of the whole person to establish a baseline and determine the client's potential and his need for help?
What is the desired end results, or what one hopes to accomplish, either short or long term, called?
What is defined as practice of noting and recording facts and events by the health care worker utilizing his or her senses?
How should you sign your name on the medical record?
The first initial, last name and title
To correct an error in documentation the health care worker should do what?
Draw a single line through the error
Print the word error, and sign your initials
What is the correct way to write the international time for 12 midnight?
What is the correct way to write the international time for 12:30 A.M.?
What is the correct way to write the international time for 7:00 P.M.?
Legal documentation of observations, directions given for care, and recordings of actual care given to the patient are contained in the patient's:
medical record
What is the name of the part of a computer that is used to type information onto the display screen?
What are the lists of information or files that can be opened, created, or edited on a computer disk referred to as?
What are the pictures on the display screen that represent different functions referred to as?
What is a card file with a summary of information found in the client's chart called?
Messages sent without the use of language or words is called?
nonverbal communication
Messages sent using spoken words is called?
Verbal communication
The term for the reply which shows that a message was received is called?
A frown on a clients face is what type of communication?
When answering the phone at a place of business, you should answer the phone by which ring?
the second
What information should you note when taking a telephone message? (any order)
name of caller, phone number, date, time, and message
When screening phone calls for your boss, what would be a good question to ask after you know who is calling?
May I ask what this is regarding?
Changing the subject, frequent interruptions, or seeming to be too busy affects communication by:
creating barriers
What term denotes the "pitch" of the voice?
The ability to identify with and understand another person's feelings, situation, and motives is called:
Having the ability to say or do the kindest or most fitting thing in a difficult situation is:
What communication career tests for speech, language and voice disorders and provides a treatment program to restore or develop the patient's speech communication skills?
speech therapist
Receiving information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure or treatment is guaranteed under what policy?
patient's rights
The sender of information must deliver a message in a clear and concise manner for good communication. Name two skills that are essential for this to take place:
pronunciation and grammar
Name three types of disabled individuals who might experience difficulty receiving messages and communicating information accurately.
(any order) hearing impaired, visually impaired, language barriers
Name three methods to assist individuals who have difficulty receiving information because of a hearing or visual impairment or language barrier.
(any order) repeat the message, change the form the message is transmitted, utilize an interpreter
If a patient does not understand the information being given, what should the health care worker do?
ask questions and repeat the information in different terms
The following dialogue is an example of what therapeutic communication technique?
The patient states: "I'm not worried about my diagnosis"
The Health Care Worker responds: "You are not at all worried about your diagnosis?"
The ability to understand the basics of how the computer works and the applications used in a field or profession is called what?
computer literacy
What is an electronic system that can rapidly communicate in graphics, numbers, words, and sound?
a computer
Machines that can scan a document and read the printed text are called:
optical scanners
Programs in a computer that are not permanent because data can be stored, changed, and/or retrieved are called RAM. What does RAM stand for?
random access memory
A MRI is a computerized body-scanning device. What does MRI stand for?
magnetic resonance imaging
What new communication tool combines the advantage of video with the advantages of computer-assisted instruction to provide a learning medium?
interactive video
Name three important components of a trusting relationship. (any order)
confidence, dependability, and confidentiality
What is another term for questions that lead the patient to explore his or her thoughts or feelings?
open-ended questions
A therapeutic communication technique which encourages the speaker to continue talking about a subject is called:
a general lead
What is the science of speech and pronunciation?
When answering the phone at work, who do you represent?
the facility
When communication is taking place, what helps to make meanings clear and avoids misunderstandings?
What is the small device that sits on a desktop and controls the cursor and creates graphics?
The computer components include the keyboard, central processing unit, disk drive and monitor with display screen. These are called what?
What type of questions make a person defensive?
questions that begin with why
What is a universal language that does not depend on words to understand the message?
What influences the way people view themselves and other people, and affects the way they interact with others?
cultural and ethnic background
If you are open to someone whose beliefs are not the same as yours, you are considered to be what?
What chart document offers a visual view of a patient's vital signs over a number of days?
graphic sheet
What component of a computer processes the input and performs the operations of the computer by following instructions in the software?
central processing unit
How is confidentiality of patient information on a computer strictly enforced?
by the use of passwords
What method does the hospital computer system use to control inventories and patient charges for hospital supplies?
bar coding
What age group does not always communicate with words, and therefore necessitates that you pay attention and respond to their body language?
Preconceived ideas and negative opinions that might affect a person's relationship with others is known as:
The one element that influences your relationship with others, how you act toward others, how they act toward you, and affects your communication is called:
During a business phone conversation, to insure that the caller has completed the information, who should end the call?
allow the caller to hang up first
What do most health care facilities have in place to allow employees to rectify real or perceived problems?
a grievance procedure
What term refers to the total of all the ideas, beliefs, values, attitudes, and objects that a group of people possess and their customs?
What term is used to illustrate the existence of distinct differences in customs and beliefs between groups in a society?
cultural diversity
An attitude by some that their cultural ways of doing things are superior to other groups is called:
What action is being practiced when rights and privileges are withheld from those of another cultural group?
Having a fixed notion that everyone in a particular group is exactly the same is known as what?
What term implies trite or pat answers which tend to minimize the significance of the patient's feelings?
reassuring clichés
Senses affect communication. What does the term "sensory" apply to?
sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. (any order)
Name three actions to be taken by the health care provider to allow for better communication with the hearing-impaired.
speak slowly and clearly (any order)face the patient
reduce background noise
If you phrase a question so that the patient will answer "yes" or "no" it tends to do what to communication?
end communication
The movement of a body part to give emphasis to what is being said is called what?
a gesture
What type of communication uses hand and mouth/lip gestures to exchange words and meanings to people who cannot hear?
sign language
If a patient cannot understand the spoken language, they have a right to what?
an interpreter
What medium helps persons who are blind communicate through the use of touch?
To maintain patient privacy when faxing a medical record the health care worker should do what?
have the patient sign a release of information form and complete a cover letter (any order)
When a team suggests options for a solution to a problem without regard to practicality, they are practicing what?
If you have a problem with a co-worker what are the first two steps you should take?
Go to that person and discuss matter. If not satisfied go to your immediate supervisor. (answer must be exact)
In the TQM process, a communication tool for teams initiated by the Quality Council identifies guidelines, structure and available resources is called:
team charter
In the TQM process, who provides team members the required time to perform team responsibilities, information and resources?
management team
In the TQM process, who oversees the implementation of the Quality Master plan, allocation of resources, and quality improvement progress?
quality council
Name three tools typically used by TQM teams.
(any order) flow charts, fishbone diagrams, storyboards
A group of people joined in a cooperative activity are called a what?
Understanding that different departments have different goals, what would be the most important tool needed to achieve team unity?
A common reason for a person to lose a job is because of what?
failure to be a team player
What is breaking down old corporate barriers and allowing information to be shared instantly across departments, thus improving teamwork?
Having integrity and a keen sense of right and wrong or adherence to principles considered right is an important aspect for every team member. This is called what?
You need to develop special skills to cope with differing opinions and ideas when you are part of a team. A positive process of reaching a mutual agreement is called what?
To help a disadvantaged student be part of a team, other team members might do what?
volunteer to be a peer tutor
When working with a visually impaired team member what should you do when initiating a verbal message to make him or her realize you are addressing him or her?
call the person by name
A person who guides the team is called the team:
A team member who constantly annoys and disturbs other team members is said to be:
Cultural diversity refers to the blending of many people from different cultures who are involved in a like activity or setting. Name four differences that might be exhibited.
gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, dress, politics, diet
(any four of the eight, in any order is acceptable)
A process that emphasizes continuous improvement with regards to quality production and customer satisfaction is called what?
total quality management
Every team member has distinguishing features or qualities. These are called:
A team member who relates well to others, responds appropriately as the situation requires, and takes an interest in what others say and do is said to be:
The impression a person makes on others is called:
Having a professional standing, techniques, attributes or ethics as an individual or in a team is said to show one's:

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