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Catcher in the Rye Minor Characters

All minor characters from Catcher in the Rye.


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Mrs. Spencer
Mr. Spencer's wife. She likes Holden, he thinks (7).
Drives Holden from the Lavender Room to Ernie's. Holden asks him where the Central Park ducks go in the winter (81).
Ernest Morrow
A classmate of Holden at Pency. Although Holden tells his mother that he is popular but sensitive, in actuality he is "doubtless the biggest bastard that ever went to Pency" and "about as sensitive as a goddam toilet seat"(54).
Al Pike
Some guy that Jane Gallagher once dated. Wore white Latex swimming trunks. "Show-off bastard" (135).
Two Bruddas
Two boys Holden meets in the Metropolitan Museum. They're skipping school. They ask Holden where the mummies are kept. They go together, sticking close to Holden. One does all of the talking, the other "don't feel like it". They leave Holden in the tomb (202).
Lillian Antolini
Mr. Antolini's wife. Lots of money. About sixty years older than Mr. Antolini. Likes to kiss in public. Never in the same room as Mr. Antolini (180).
Robert Tichner and Paul Campbell
Holden's friends at Pency. Threw the football around until after dark. Didn't want to stop. But eventually, they had to (5).
Allie Caulfield
Holden's younger brother who died three years earlier of leukemia. Bright, sensitive, and exceptional. Wrote poetry on his baseball mitt. "You'd have liked him" (38).
English Babe
Actress who comes with D.B. to visit Holden. "She's pretty affected" (213).
Frederick Woodruff
Pency student who buys Holden's typewriter for twenty dollars (52).
Harris Macklin
Holden roomed with him for two months at Elkton Hills. He was a bore with a very raspy voice. But he could whistle great. Holden never told him he thought he was a great whistler (123).
James Castle
Classmate at Elkton Hills. His name was next to Holden's at roll call. He refused to take back something that he said. Jumped out of a window (?) and died. Holden heard him land and saw him dead (170).
Flitty Guy at the Wicker Bar
Holden mocks him to Carl Luce. Later, in the men's room he advises Holden to go home because Holden is so drunk.
The Family on Broadway
Poor looking family walking up Broadway. Father, mother and six-year old boy who was skipping from the curb into the street and back again. The boy's parents ignored him. The traffic didn't. He was singing "If a body catch a body coming through the rye" (115).
First Cabbie
Takes Holden to the Edmont Hotel. Holden asks him about where the Central Park ducks go in the winter. (60).
Walt Stradlater
Holden's roomate at Pency. Handsome and shallow. Asks Holden to write his composition for him and goes on a date with Jane Gallagher. Holden and Stradlater have a fist-fight. He was a friendly guy but "it was partly a phony kind of friendly (26).
Mrs. Morrow
Ernest Morrow's mother. Attractive woman. Holden meets her on the train from Agerstown to New York City. He lies to her to spare her feelings concerning her son. Holden also tells her that he has a brain tumor (54).
Eddie Birdsell
A Princeton guy that Holden met at a party. He gave Holden Faith Cavindish's number for a "good time" (64).
Mr. Thurmer
Pency Prep Headmaster. Phony. When Marsalla let one rip in chapel everyone pretended they didn't hear it. "But you could tell he heard it" (17).
Richard Kinsella
Holden's classmate at Pency They took Oral Expression together. Shy boy. easily flustered. Got a "D" in the class because they kept on yelling "Digression!" at him (183).
Commander Blop
Navy guy with Lillion Simmons. He breaks four of your fingers just shaking hands (87).
Mr. & Mrs. Caulfield
Holden's parents. Mr. Caulfield is an attorney. Mrs. Caulfield doesn't sleep well. She's still traumatized over Allie. "They're grand people" (9).
Edmont Bellboy
Depressing, very old guy who combed his hair in a sweep to cover his baldness. (61).
Ed Banky
The basketball coach at Pency. Stradlater was one of his "pets" so he let Stradlater borrow his car to go on his date with Jane Gallagher (43).
Psychoanalyst Guy
A Psychoanalyst at the California hospital. Keeps on asking Holden if he's going to apply himself. "It's a stupid question" (213).
Robert Ackley
Ackley kid. Roomed next to Holden at Pency. No one liked him. Nosey and dirty. Holden took him along into town to be nice. Bad skin and bad teeth that "always looked mossy and awful" (19).
Mr. Antolini
Former English teacher at Elkton Hills. He was the one who finally picked up the body of James Castle. Holden retreats to his house and recieves a long lecture. Plans to stay there until Tuesday, but while Holden is sleeping Mr. Antolini begins to pet him. Flitty. Likes to drink (173).
Performer at the Wicker Bar. Opening act for Tina and Janine. Holden gives her the eye and instructs the headwaiter to ask Velencia to join him for a drink. He doesn't (149).
The Dicksteins
The Caulfield's neighbors. Holden pretends to be their nephew to the new elevator boy in order to sneak into his parent's apartment (157).
Piano player and owner of Ernie's nightclub. Good player but a big phoney (80).
Ann Louise Sherman
A girl that Holden once necked with all night even though she was a big phoney (63).
Edgar Marsalla
Holden's friend at Pency. Let one rip during Ossenburger's speech that " damn near blew the roof off" (17).
Miss Aigletinger
Holden's grammar school teacher in New York. She often took the class to the Museum of Natural History. "She never got sore" (120).
Arthur Childs
Classmate at the Whooton School. Quaker. He and Holden talked about the Bible. They disagreed (99).
Mrs. Hayes
Sally Hayes' crazy mother. Holden talks to her on the phone when he's drunk. She likes her ass kissed (114).
Bobby Fallon
Holden's friend in Maine when he was younger. One day, Holden refused to take Allie with him to Bobby Fallon's house because Allie was just a child (98).
George "Something"
Phoney Andover snob who Sally Hayes knew. She spotted him during her date with Holden. Thought the Lunts were "Angels". Big soul kisses (127).
Phoebe Caulfield
Holden's ten-year-old sister. Very smart and perceptive girl. Roller-skate skinny with red hair. She likes to write girl books that she never finishes. Affectionate and emotional (59).
Phil Stabile
Elkton Hills boy who was insulted by James Castle. He and six of his friends tried to force James Castle to take back what he has said (170).
Raymond Goldfarb
Holden's friend at the Whooton School. They got drunk together once in chapel. Raymond got very drunk but Holden only got very cool and nonchalant. He did puke, but he forced himself to (90).
Mal Brossard
Pency wrestler who goes into town to get a burger and maybe catch a movie with Holden and (relunctantly) Ackly (35).
Mr. Spencer
Holden's History teacher at Pency. Holden visits him before leaving school. He flunks Holden and reads his essay on "the Egyptians" aloud as an explanation. He smells like Vicks Nose Drops and is a bad throw. "Life is a game, boy" (8).
Tina and Janine
Two French babes who performed at the Wicker Bar. One played piano and the other sang in half English and half "Vooly Voo Fransay" (141).
Edmont elevator operator/pimp. Sends "a girl" up to Holden's room for "a good time". After agreeing upon a price, Maurice wants more. Holden has a fist-fight with him but he doesn't stand a chance (90).
Mr. Cudahy
Jane Gallagher's mother's husband. A hint of abuse. He was a "booze-hound" (78).
Lillian Simmons
Former girlfriend of D.B., Holden runs into her at Ernie's. Marvellous! (86)
Mr. Haas
Headmaster at the Elkton School. One of the phoniest bastards Holden ever met (13).
Rudolph Schmidt
The janitor of Holden's dorm. Holden assumes his name during his conversation with Mrs. Morrow (54).
D.B. Caulfield
Holden's older brother. Served in the army. A writer. Author of "the Secret Goldfish". Now a Hollywood prostitute (1).
Phoebe's Schoolmate
Holden finds her sitting by herself. Asks if she knows who and where Phoebe is. She has trouble with her skate key. Holden helps her (118).
Estelle Fletcher
Singer of "Little Shirley Beans" (114).
Marty, Laverne, and Bernice Crabs or Krebs
Three girls that Holden meets in the Lanender Room. Tourists from Seattle. He dances with Bernice Crabs or Krebs. They spend their time looking for movie stars (like Peter Lorre) and then stick Holden with the check (69).
Mr. Vinson
Taught Oral Expression at Pency. "Kept telling you to unify and simplify all the time" (185).
Mr. Hartzell
Holden and Stratlader's English teacher. He thinks that Holden's a "hot-shot in English" (28).
Sally Hayes
Holden's old girlfiend. Sally is very interested in the theater. Very affected. They go on a date to see a play and then go skating at Radio City. Holden asks her to run away with him and then calls her names. She has a Christmas tree in need of trimming (105).
Howie Coyle
Pency basketball player. Ackley thinks he has a "perfect build" (29).
Carl Luce
Classmate of Holden's at the Whooton School. He meets Holden at Ernie's for drinks. Very mature. Dates a Chinese woman in her late thirties. Knows a lot about perverts (59).
Pency alumnus who made a fortune opening funeral homes. Gave a speech in the Pency chapel. Talked to Jesus, asking Him to send a few more stiffs (17).
Veteran's Day Visitor
Old Pency alumnus who knocked on the door of Holden's dorm to ask for directions to the bathroom. Holden and Stradlater walked him there so that he could check for his initials that he carved ninety years ago. The Ghost of Christmas Future (168).
Wolf Lady and Her Son
Pair that Holden sees in the movie theater. She cries all through the movie but won't let her little boy go to the bathroom. "Kindhearted as a goddam wolf" (139).
Jane Gallagher
Stradlater's date and Holden's childhood friend. His image of frozen perfection. A major character in the book, without ever appearing in it. When she and Holden played checkers she would never move her kings out of the back row (31).
Selma Thurmer
Daughter of Pency's headmaster. Sat next to Holden on the bus. Not very pretty. "She was a pretty nice girl, though" (3).
Edmont Hotel Perverts
The transvestite dressing up in front of the mirror (61). The girl who was getting water squirtted all over her face (62).
Gertrude Levine
Holden's partner during excursions to the Museum of Natural History. She liked to hold hands and had sweaty hands (120).
Faith Cavendish
A former burlesque stripper or something. Holden calls her from the Edmont to try to set up a date. But it's too late. She calls him "Mr. Cawffle" (64).
Dick Slagle
Holden's roomate at Elkton Hills School. They shared a room with their suitcases. Holden's were bourgeois(108).
Young prostitute sent to Holden's room. Shallow, uneducated, and all-business. Holden and Sunny only talk. This is five. It costs ten. Holden assumes the alias of Jim Steele with Sunny. She calls him "crum-bum" (93).
Ackley's absent roomate (49).
The Two Nuns
Holden meets them in the sandwich bar. One is an English teacher. They discuss "Romeo and Juliet" over eggs. Holden gives them ten dollars as a contribution (109).
Mr. Zambesi
Made Holden, Paul, and Robert stop throwing the football around (5).

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