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Evaluations & ASsessments


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What are the parts of the psych Medical Records?
-Social history
-Admission summary
-Nurses notes
-Psychologist report
-Physicians report
-Other pertinent reports
What are the 3 types of patient interviews?
1 Unstructured: OT decides on info need and sets appt
2 Structured: Series of questions desinged to elicit info
3 Semi-structured: same as structured but allows for digressions
What are the 3 types of observations?
1-general obs
2-obs of specific behavior
3-obs of performance
Always observe the performance. If pt says he can do it, what should I do?
Have pt perform 'back-up' what s/he says.
How many steps should performance have for adequate obs?
At least 3
What are the performance areas being obs?
ADL skills
Work skills: task skills such as neatness, attn to detail, rate of perf
Leisure skills
What are the performance components?
-Sensorimotor skills
-Cognitive skills
-Psychosocial and psychological skills
What's the difference between obs and interpretation (only the OTR interprets)
OBS: we use verbs that describes what the pt did.
INTERPRET: Opinion or value words
What are considered checklist for recording observed performances?
NPI interest checklist
Vocational inventories
What are projective tech?
Azima Battery (house-tree-person drawings)
Sentence completion
Creative tasks
Interest chck lists
Which of the SKILL tests is appropriate for long term stays?
Milwakee Eval of Daily living
How many subtest are in the MEDLS?
20 subtests
Which of the SKILL tests is appropriate for short-term stays?
Kohlman Eval of Living Skills(KELS)
Is the KELS appropriate to measure skills in the natural environment?
Of the Claudia Allen Cog test, which is used for any level the pt may be in?
(RTI) routine task inventory
Of the Claudia Allen Cog test, which is used to identify pt's level 3 and up?
Leather lacing
What kind of stitches can level 4 do?
Whip stitch
What kind of stitches can level 5 do?
What is the 3 clap test used for?
to determine if pt is aware of environment. If so, they can imitate 3 claps.
If pt can't imitate 3 claps what level is s/he?
Level 1 or 2 of the ACL
What assessments can be used to evaluate under the MOHO frame of reference?
- Barth Time
- Occupations Case Analysis Rating (OCARS)
- Role check list
Leather Lacing Examples

Leather lacing are able to be performed for level 3 and up

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