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psych vocab 2


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standards of behavior in the group
looses touch with reality- personality desinigration- great difficulty in functioning adequately- impaired reality testing- delusions
multiaxial assessment
Axis 1- clinical syndromes
Axis 2- personality disorders/ mental retardation
Axis 3- general medical conditions
Axis 4- psychosocial & environmental problems
Axis 5- global assessment and functioning
word salad
series of words that seem totally unrelated- kite, purse, soda, etc.- (thinking)
thought blocking
sudden stopping in a train of thought or mid sentence
similar to circumstantial but the person never returns to the origional question- never really get to the point
delusions - religious
belief that one is favored by a higher being- think they are Jesus
delusions- somatic
belief that one's body is diseased or distorted- think they are melting
delusions- grandiose
belief that ones possesses greatnes or special powers- president, etc.
delusions- paranoid
excessive or irrational suspicion and distrust of others- conspirarcy theory
delusions- thought broadcasting
thoughts being aired to the outside world
delusions- thought insertion
thoughts placed into the mind by outside people or forces- CIA put a chip in my brain and are telling me to do things
therapy involving feedback of members- usually 7-10 members- work to help each other with their problems
group structure
have boundaries (ruleas and understandings)- have a purpose, etc.
length of sessions
-low functioning members 20-40 minutes
-high functioning members 60-120 minutes
repeating a single idea or activity (usually verbal)
new words created by the patient (and onoly they understand them)
loose associations
lack of logical relationship b/w thoughts- speech is inexact, vague, unforced (derailment)
flight of ideas
fragmented ideas, rapidly shifting from one topic to another (manic)
excessive detail, usually in relation to a question and an answer is ultimately given (go on & on)
morbid fear associated with extreme anxiety
nihilistic ideas
thoughts of nonexistence and hopelessness
magical thinking
belief that thinking equates with doing- because you think it will happen, it will happen
ideas of reference
interpreting external events as having direct, personal references- think everything is connected to them somehow
over concer with the body- think thy are sick
being outside of ones body- things around the person are different, strange, or uinreal- out of body experience
mild anxiety
tension of day to day life- person is alert and perceptual field is increased- hear and grasp info readily- motivates learning
moderate anxiety
focuses only on immediate concerns- perceptual field is narrowed as person sees, hears, and grasps less- blocks out selected areas but can attend to more if directed to do so- still very functional
severe anxiety
significant reduction in the perceptual field- can only focus on a specific detail- all behavior directed toward relieving anxiety- much direction is needed to focus on another area

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