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Chapters 10 &11 history WWI


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What was the Panama Canal
It provided a shortcut between Atlantic and Pacific oceans
Roosevelt corollary
It was an extension of the monroe doctrine, the U.S claimed the right to protect its economic interests by means of military intervention in the affairs of western hempishere nations
dollar diplomacy
often used to justify keeping european powers out of the carribean

policy of using U.S govt to guarentee loans made to forgeign countries by American business people
selective service act
law enacted in 1917 that required men to register for military service
Henry Cabot Lodge
Conservative senator that wanted the right to declare war to remain with congress
war- guilt clause
forced germany to admit that they, and only they were responsible for WWI
war damages
Treaty of Versailles
established 9 new nations
made germany pay 33 billion in reparations
returned alosace lorraine to france
war-guilt clause
de-militarized germany
league of nations
forum for all nations to meet and dicuss problems instead of turning to war
fourteen points
first 5 listed the what wilson believed were the causes of the war
the next 8 dealth with boundary changes
the last one was to establish the league of nations
great migration
movement of hundreds of thousands of southern blacks to northern cities
espionage and sedition acts
said that if any person acted out or spoke against the govt in a negative manner or against the war effort they could be sentenced to 20 years and prision and to pay fines up to 10,000.00
George creel
organized many artists, and performers together to promote the war effort
Bernard M. Baruch
recognized war industries board
War Industries board
encouraged companies to use mass- production and techniques to inrease efficiency and eliminate waste
mechanized warfare
war that relies on machines powered by gasoline and diesel engines
conscientious objector
person who objects war on moral grounds
Alvin York
Originally against war, mind changed during war, killed 25 Germans and captured 132 with 6 other doughboys and a single musket
convoy system
merchant ships would travel with a ring of destroyers and cruisers around them
Eddie Rickenbacker
"American ace of aces"
engaged in more than 130 air battles and brought down 26 enemy planes
zimmerman note
note from German foriegn minister to german ambassador in mexico telling him to make mexico an ally promising them if u.s got involved they would return to them texas, new mexico and arizona if they won
british liner sunk with 128 Americans on board
trench warfare
fighting in which people died for mere yards
"no mans land"
land that was covered in muck with pock marks from bullets and barbed wire
france, britian, russia
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
heir to the Austrian throne, murdered with wife
central powers
austria-hungary, germany, italy
ottoman empire
development of armed forces and their use as a tool of diplomacy
John. J Pershing
led forces of 15,000 against pancho villa
Franciso "Pancho" Villa
rebel leader, had americans sent to cuba to "talk" but before they coudl get off the train he took them off and shot them, led revolts against carranza
Emilio Aguinaldo
Filipino rebel leader felt u.s promised independence and betrayed them
Boxer rebellion
rebellion in china against western powers control over china
open door notes
1. called for open access to china's coastal ports
2. elimination of special trading privelages for any trading nations
3. maintainence of China's independence
John Hay
issued series of policy statements called open door notes
country whose affairs are partially controlled by a stronger power
platt amendment
limits on the cuban consitution
1. couldnt make treaties to limit independence
2. u.s resereved right to intervene
3. cuba not to go into debt
4. u.s buy or lease land for naval and coaling
treaty of paris
1. cuba independent
2. u.s got puerto rico and guam
3. U.s would pay spain 20 mil for annexation of phillipine islands
san Juan Hill
strategically important, battle at this location made roosevelt a war hero
rough riders
vounlenteer cavalary led by roosevelt and wood
george dewey
american naval commander
steamed into manila bay and destoyed spanish fleet nearby
u.s.s maine
american ship station in spanish waters, sank and led americans to controversy with spain
delome leter
letter from spanish prime minister to mckinely, critisized him for being a weak leader, americans were outraged by this they didnt like criticizism of american president by a spaniard
yellow journalism
false journalism, reporting that exaggerates the news to lure new readers
valerino weyler
spanish general sent to restore order
moved ppl into concentration camps
Jose Marti
exiled to new york, led rebellion against spain
Sanford B. dole
president of provisional government in Hawaii
Alfred T. Mahan
argued for strong u.s navy
became one of advocagtes in military expansion
policy in which stronger nations extend control over weaker territories
queen liliuokalaini
hawaiin queen overthrown and threatened that if she returned to power she would behead all of those who conspired to dispose her

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