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a learned & shared system of knowledge, beliefs, values attitudes and norms
cultures passed on through generation
a persons culture is modified by contact with another culture
unjustifiable negative attitude toward a group & its members
the resulting unjustifiable negative behaviour based on attitudes
4 reasons for Ethical Behaviour
1 establish trust 2 unethical behaviour leads to organizational dysfunction 3 unethical behaviour creates bublic outrage 4 unethical behaviour can & may create a person of moral dilemma
When 2 sets of demands cannot be met
Conflict Occurs
differences in Values can lead to conflict
The generation gap & personality Clashes
communicates the who of your institution
value statement
a code of conduct that separates morally right actions from those that are wrong; also a study of moral obligation
antagonistic relationship between two people based on personal attributes, preferences, interests, values & style
Personality Clash
wall of minor incidents
stone walls
use fewer nonverbal cues to send and interpret messages
low context cultures
professional mediator hired to help people arrive at mutual solution
alternative dispute resolution
4 tactic in regards to problem soliving negotiation & bargainin tactics
1 create a positive negotiating climate 2 allow room for compromise but be reasonable 3 Focus on interests not positions 4 make a last & final offer 5 Allow for face-saving
the who you identified as the target market
a client statement
some cltures are more tolerant to ambiguity & uncertainty avoiding uncertainty more likely have more rigid rules highly tolerant more permissive, relaxed
tolerance of uncertainty/uncertainty
Difference between gender communication
w seek empathy and understanding m give advice more apologetic men hog recognition woman share interrupt to clarify, offer support. Men new topice, complete a sentence more gental (oh dear men harsher (shit) Have to remind myself its gender typical behaviour and not personal
Table 1 work ethics policy ethics
deals in values vs hot topic departmental functions departmental communications organizational ethics biomedical ethics other speciality programs management training bus school law schools philosophy other specialities external consultants with management consulting experience external consultants from academia

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