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EDUC 328 Vocabulary


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Individual sound
The beginning of this case the beginning of a word
When two words have similar sounding endings
The ending of a word that is in print form
An accurate recitation of text accompanies by finger-point reading
Memory reading
A paraphrase or spontaneous retelling told by children as the turn the pages of a familiar story book
Pretend reading
Refers to the ability to consciously manipulate individual phonemes in a spoken language. Often assessed by the ability to clap, count, or some motion for every sound heard in the word
Phonemic Awareness
A prominent sound in a word or syllable that stands out because of the way it is made or felt in the mouth or because of idiosyncratic reasons such as being similar to a sound in ones name.
An approach to the teaching of reading in which students read about their own experiences recorded in their own language. Experience stories are dictated by the student to a teacher who writes them down.
Language experience
-Vocabulary growth and Concept developmet Phonogolical Awareness Alphabet Knowledge Letter-sound knowledge Concept of work in print
Five components of learning-to-read
2 letters that come together but make only one sound such as sh
Consonant digraph
2 letters that come together in which two sounds are heard such as qu
Consonant blend
The ability to match spoken words to written words
Concept of word
Haing the child point to words in a familiar text while observing how they find the word.
Assessing concept of word
A series of a two or more words that begin with the same sound.
The concept that letters and letter combinations are used to represent phonemes in orthography
Alphabetic Principle
Listeners can hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes
Phonemic awaresness
Systematic relationship between letters and sounds
Words in which the previous vowel is affected due to the letter r
R control
A vowel sounds in which the mouth must form more than one position to create the sound
The symbol used to represent an unstressed vowel in a word that is more than one syllable. Also known as the swallowed vowel
Words that sound alkike bat are spelled differently and have different meanings
Words that are spelled alike but have different pronunciations and different meanings
The teaching of phonics should be concluded by which grade
3rd grade
Word order and slot in the sentence
Syntax cueing system
Foucs on individual word meaning
Sound letter relationship
Two synonyms for rime
Phonograms and word families
The student find out the sound of the phonic element through the use of know sight workds. Sound of known words creates the students understanding of the element
Analytic phonics
Teacher tells the students who the letters sound. Introduce a consonant or consonant digraph to the class then find a passage in which they will look for the term
Synthetic phonics
High-frequency words that need to be memorized because they are decondable
Sight Word
Students need to trylt recognize sight words they have to see the words many times in many different text not memorize from a card
Limitation of flashcards for sight word memorization
Could COULD could COULD
Drastic sight word proceduce
Three primary compnents of fluency
Accuracy, speed, and emotion
Read a text out loud without prior experience to the text
Cold Read
Emphasizes immediate deomnstration of fluent oral reading
Echo reading
most emphasizes speed and expression in fluency
Reading for Beauty
The ability to read smoothly through accuracy, speed, and expression
Reading fluency
The students ability to understand the meaning behind the words and not just being able to read fluently
Reading Cmoprehension
Determined by the state wide test and the schools have to earn 100 points by 2013.
Pay for trasporation since students are allowed to transfer to another school. Also have to pay for tutoring because students may get a private tutor
AYP Sanctions for second year
Clsoing of the school or being changed to alternative government such as state or charter
4 year sanction if AYP isn't met

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