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state constitutions
-longer, more detail, preamble, bill of rights, establishes 3 branches of government -changed more often than national
state legislatures
-sessions;annually -representation is divided among districts of equal population
making laws
-initiative; citizens propose laws -referendum; voters approve or reject bill proposed by state legislators -recall;remove elected officials from office
financing state governments
-taxes;states raise more that 50% of their total revenue from states and income -federal funds
executive power
laws are enforced, appoints officials, greatest source of power is budget making role
legislative power
proposes legislation, veto\'s bills, influences law making by persuading legislators
judicial role
appoints state judges, grant pardons, reduce sentences
call up national guard in emergency
current colorado governor
bill ritter
state courts and judges terms of service/selection
limited terms, appointed/ elected by governor
similar to federal judges
function of courts
settle conflicting claims
establishing state governments
by state governments
types of local governments counties
oldest form of local gov.
towns/ cities
municipality: new england towns use direct democracy
special districts
school, fire, water, electric unit of government that provides single service
city government mayor council plan
weak- both legislative and executive power with city council strong- mayor sets budget policies appointments council makes ordinances
council- manager plan
run government like business hire city manager
commisions plan
commissions direct different departments for the city and together make ordaninces
local government spend most of their money on education but local education receives from all levels of government
water, gas, electric, sewer, garbage
health and welfare
job training low cost housing welfare
land use/ zoning
planning commission set goals for land use zoning-rules for landuse
public saftey
police, fire, inspectors, 911
more than 25% comes from property taxes but local government may collect any taxes they want
service charge
parking meters, bridge fees, parking tolls
sharing revenue
factors of production
land labor capital enterpenuership
want satisfaction chain
wants> factors> process of production> good/service> distribute> consumed> satisfaction
what you gain for making a choice of scarce resources
what you get in return
recourses are always limited compared with our wants
economic questions
- what to produce - how to produce - for whom to produce for
economies traditional
do things we always have
economies command
government owns and makes decisions
economies market
decisions are made by individuals who own factors of production
u.s economy is best described as...
a mixed economy because we have all three elements
characteristics of a market economy
1. private ownership 2. individual decision making 3. bargaining 4. competition 5. profit motive
amount that producers are willing to offer at different prices
law of supply
the higher the price the greater the supply
when a demand for a product increases
both supply and price will increase
when demand for a product decreases
both supply and price will decrease

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