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(2) verb forms

transitive - needs a object - She Bought_____ (what?)

intransitive - doesn't need an object - she ate. 

2 possible part of a sentence

clause  - has subject and finite verb - can stand alone

phrases - doesnt have a subject or finite verb

    prepositional phrases - before, after, with 

2 types of clauses

independent - could be a sentence of their own - joined with coordinating conjunctions

    coordinating conjunctions - and, or, but, so, yet 


dependent - paired with sentence - joined with subordinating conj

2 types of verbs



2 ways to approach  

instrumental - usinglangauge symbols to convience someone of your ideas


constitutive - different sterotypes - alters definition langauge and symbols - shaping world views 

3 parts of rhetorical siltation

1. exegence

2. audience

3. constraints

    3.1 - rhetoric has control over

    3.2 - audience mood and attitude 

3 types of nonfinite verbs

1. infinint -to_____ EX. to ski, to run

 2. participlus - adding ing becomes adj

3. gerunds - adding ing becomes noun 

7 charastics of rhetoric

1. public

2. purposeful

3. pragmatic

4. propositional

5. problem solving

6. poetic

7. powerful 

describes nouns
describes a verb or an adjective
the , a, an, this, his, her
class of verbs

linking - forms of to be

sensory - she felt, she seems 

Complex sentences
one independent caluse but 2 or more dependent clauses
compound complex sentence
2 or more dependent clauses and at least one independent clauses
compound sentences
2 of more clauses ALL INDEPENDENT
finite verbs
must be in a sentence - congicated - doing something
four types of sentences




compound complex 

nonfinite verbs
not doing something
Noun Style passages
dominated by  - supresses action - uses prepositional phrases - not clear
Nouns and 4 types

nouns - person place thing, idea

1. proper - he she they

2. proper - name cities bands

3. common - flowers, rock, bed

4. abstract - love, shame, independence, equality 


aberviated - keeps everything on the same level uses independent clauses

EX i came. i saw. i concored 


fills in blanks and then some - makes on ranking system using grammer. usescomplex and compound complex sentences and uses dependent clauses

EX. When i came, i saw them and then i counqued. 

the art of using speach to presuade people
rhetorical situation means (7 things)

1. rhetorical discourse is a response to a situation

2. a rhetorical situation is given rhetorical sigfinificance by a situation

3. rhetorical situation must exist as a nessessary condition to discourse

4. many questions go un answere

simple sentences
one subject or finite verb
Stages of rhetorical criticism

1. describe what do i see? what is this thing made of? what are its part?

2. Interpret what does it do? how does it work? 

3. evaluate how well does it do it? is it good or bad, beautiful or ugly, likeable or objectionabl

Verb Style Passages
dominated by dynamic verbs - hilights the action - very clear
verb tense
past present and future

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