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Child Psychology exam 2 chapters 6-10


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Infants born to adolescent mothers are more likely to have:
-low birth rates
-neurological problems
-childhood illnesses
The most common cancer in children is:
What gross motor skill can a 3 year old master?:
catch a bouncing ball
Development of the brain in adolescence also may be linked to changes in ________ development. Adolescents might respond with "gut" reactions to ________ stimuli; whereas adults are more likely to respond with rational reasoned responses:
When a 3 year old exhibits hopping, jumping, and running back and forth, she:
shows considerable pride and accomplishment
Heavy drinking at college is:
Becoming more common
What is the average age of menarch (1st period) in U.S. today?:
Age 12
As of 2000, the adolescent pregnancy rate in the U.S.:
has started to decrease
A statement about anorexia nerosa that is NOT true:
It is ten times more likely in males than females
The most critical aspect of myelination (insulation of nerves) is that it increases the :
speed of neural processing
When Chris puts her newborn daughter to bed, she notices that her daughter almost always turns her head to the left. Chris would be most correct to assume her daughter:
Is left handed
Most binge-purge eaters are:
Females in their late teens or early 20's
What is Piaget's first stage of cognitive development?:
Which statement does NOT fit the description of Vygotskian classroom?:
fits- his theory is the key element

fits- children might read a story and interpret it's meaning

fits- scaffolding is used to improve childrens literacy skills

In Piaget's 3 mountains task, a preopertional child is asked to select from a series of photos, the one photo that most accurately reflects the view the doll is seeing. Children in the preoperational stage are most likely to pick:
the view from where they are sitting
According to Piaget, we adapt in what 2 ways:
Assimilation and Accomodation
In his later writings, Piaget appeared to modify his view concerning formal operations. Which statement best exemplifies his alterations?:
Formal operation thinking is acheived during the late teens, not the early teens
What are limitations of preoperational thought?:
- Ego centrism
- Animism
Piaget argued that the movement from one stage of thought to the next was:
Researchers have studied Piaget's theory and found that:
Infants know that objects are substatial and permanant at an earlier age than Piaget envisioned
Frank is thoroughly confused when his father refers to his aunt Susan, as his sister Sue. According to Frank's logic, a person cannot be both a sister and an aunt. Piaget would refer to Frank's confusion as involving:
The Preoperational stage extends from approximately what age:
Age 2 to Age 7
Which of the following is NOT characteristic of preoperational thought?:
Yes- intuitive reasoning
Yes- egocentrism
Yes- symbolic thought
NO - conservation skills
The fact that a concrete operational thinker could believe that the amount of water in a short fat glass is equal to the amount of water in a tall thin glass refers to their ability to:
coordinate several characteristics of a task
3 year old Elizabeth scribbles a drawing and says "The red sun is holding the cloud's hand." Elizabeth is in the:
Symbolic function substage of preoperational thought
In an effort to assess her memory abilities, a researcher presents 5 month old Chese with the same visual stimulus over numerous trials. If she begins to pay less attention to the stimulus with each subsequent trial, she is demonstrating:
Memory and habitation
The following is an example of the goal setting and strategy planning when applying self-regulatory learning to homework:
fill out teacher forms for monitoring specific ascpects of the students studying
_________ is a retrieval failure caused by a lack of effective retrieval cues:
cue-dependant forgetting
The serial position affect of memory states that recall is:
Better for items at the beginning and end of a list than in the middle
Perkins and Tisharan work with teachers to incorporate critical thinking into classrooms. The folling is NOT an example of their ideas:
Spontanaity rather than planning and strategizing
Much of the information processing research on problem solving has been aimed at identifying the rules children use to solve prblems. This rule assessment approach demonstrates that ___ % of chldren aged 5-17 used at least one the Rob Seigler's 4 rules l
90 %
Reciprocal teaching involves:
- student - to - student
- student - to - teacher
- back and forth teaching on the internet
______ states that memory is on a contimium from shallow to deep, with deeper processing producing better memory:
levels of processing theory
When a person is encoding information into memory it is important to have the ability to shift. An example of shifting is:
-writing a letter, forming letters, composing grammer, and making paragraphs
-memorizing a poem, learning one line at a time, understanding the vocabulary and reading the words
During each day in kindergarten, 6 year old Sidney spent 1 hour in organized "naptime". The next year she entered her new 1st grade classroom, looked around and asked her teacher "Where are the blankets for naptime?" Sidney's ques pro
School schema

(schema- expectations)
A(n) _________ is a schema for an event:
Who would NOT be considered to be thinking critically?:
Jack, who tends to rely heavily on his first impressions
The concept of mental age and IQ is based on the idea that intelligence is a:
General ability
The best description of developmental stability of intelligence from infancy through adolescence:
Capacity for change with an underlying continuity
Measurement and testing have been involved in:
Assessing human thought and behavior
What did William Stern devise:
intelligence quotient
________ is defined by Salovye and Mayer as the ability to monitor one's own and other's feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one's thinking and action:
Emotional Intelligence
Emily is a renowned poet who can be in a seemingly ordinary situation and later compose a highly creative poem that seems full of insight into that situation. According to Sternberg, Emily has exceptional:
Practical Intelligence
The Wechsler scales consist of :
Both verbal and non-verbal subtests, as well as an overall IQ score
The current Stanford-Binet is given to individuals form the age of:
2 through adulthood
Bill is six years old and has a mental age of eight. What is his IQ:

Mental age / Actual age x 100
The IQ is to Stanford-Binet, as the ________ is to the Gesell scale:
Developmental quotient
What is the IQ of an eight year old with a mental age of 10:

Mental age / Actual age x 100
The following represents one of the major reasons that intelligence is a difficult concept to define:
It can only be measured by indirect means
Nancy Bayley's main motivation for developing her assessment scales was that she wanted to create a measure that could:
Generate an infant IQ
The Raven Progressive Matrices Text is a:
Culture- fair test
Nine year old Will has developed a memory strategy that allows him to retain up to 70 items in his short term memory. Sternberg would argue that this skill is best identified with:
analytical intelligence
Whole language supports that reading should be:
integrated with other content areas such as science and social studies
The following is true about children all over the world acquiring language milestones:
- They acquire language milestones at about the same time developmentally
- They acquire language milestones in the same order
An example of a "wh-" question would be:
Where is Daddy?
When comparing the effectiveness of the whole-language and the basic-skills-and phonetics approaches to reading, most researchers agree that:
Combination of both approaches may be most affective
The infant's spoken vocabulary rapidly increases once the first word is spoken ________ is a label that has been given to the rapid increase in an infant's vocabulary that begins at approximately ________ months of age:
Growth spurt

18 months
Gina calls her doll, "dolly" but is unable to generalize this word with other dolls. This illustrates:
Roger Brown (1973) challenged the behavioristic explanation of language acquisition by pointing out that parents:
often pay no attention to the grammatical form of their children's utterances
The meaning of words and sentences is referred to as :
Currently about ______ million children in the United States are in families where English is NOT the primary language:
10 million
At what age does a baby's comprehension become noticeable:
8 months
________ is an approach to reading that stresses that reading instruction should parallel children's natural language learning:
whole language
When teaching his daughter to read, Jared ofter tells her to "sound out the word". Based on this description, wht approach is Jared likely using:
Basic-skills-and -phonics
Studies have shown that language is:
highly ordered and organized

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