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ABeka Grammar 7 - Semester Exam Review


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The abbreviation "B.C." should (a. precede) (b. follow) the year number.
b. follow
The correction symbol (a. s) (b. #) indicates that a space needs to be inserted between the words.
b. #
Do not divide words of (a. one) (b. two) syllable(s).
a. one
The titles "Reverend" and "Honorable" may be abbreviated if used with a (a. last) (b. full) name.
b. full
Leave a margin of (a. one inch) (b. two inches) on the top, bottom, and sides of the paper.
a. one inch
A summary should be no longer than ____ the length of the original paper.
one third
What is the first step of the writing process?
plan your paper
Which section of a book report contains a summary of the book?
Name one of the three best ways to arrange details in order in a paragraph.
order of importance,
space order, or
chronological order
If a paragraph has ______, all of the sentences in the paragraph are related to one central topic.
The two main systems of library classification are the Library of Congress system and the _____ system.
Dewey Decimal
A topical outline does not usually contain any _____.
complete sentences

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