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What is Amnesia?
Is the general term meaning temporary or permanent impairment of some part of the memory system.
what is hysterical amnesia?
forgetting an intensely stressful event.
what is fugue?
forgetting who one is.
What brain structure is important?
The circuit linking temporal lobes of the brain with the frontal lobe and limbic system ( hippocampus and mammilary bodies)
What kind of damage can cause amnesia?
Encephalitis, anoxia ( lack of oxygen) stroke and korasakoff's syndrome
What is korsakoff's syndrome.
Caused by excessive drinking ( alcoholism) which leads to the lack of vit B. Causes breakdown of cog function.
What is traumatic amnesia?
Memory deficits resulting from the effects of a closed head injury
what is post traumatic amnesia?
Confused state usually after a coma from the traumatic event.
What is retrograde amnesia?
Retrograde amnesia is a form of amnesia where someone will be unable to recall events that occurred before the development of amnesia. The term is used to categorise patterns of symptoms, rather than to indicate a particular cause or etiology
Why do we forget?
Memory trace may require some time to consolidate. A blow on the head may prevent consolidation from happening.
_________ in amnesics is typically normal whether measured in terms of digit span or the recency effect
short term memory
__________ may also be well preserved and is measured by vocab tests and speed of sentence verification
semantic memory
gross imapirment occurs when_______
when amnesics try to add new material to semantic knowledge.
semantic memory depends on _____ or _____ for the acquisition of new material.
explicit or episodic
what non-dclarative and implicit knowledge is preserved in amnesics?
skills, priming, classical conditioning, evaluative conditioning and non-associative learning.
what takss do amnesics perform badly on
takss that require them to recollect or re-experience past events.

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