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Governor Review


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worked at reorganizing government, and made government more efficient
Richard Russell, Jr.
violently opposed the new deal, he was dismissed from office, used federal money for state improvement, reduced the cost of lisence tags, used marshal law to end testile strikes, and caused UGA to use its standings in academic circles
eugene talmadge
publicly endorsed FDR's New deal, established state planning board, rural housing authority as well as state house authorities, re-organized department of welfare, game more money to the public health department, improved work at prison reform, highway p
E.T. Rivers
was not re-elected because of rumors, youngest elected to the GA general assembly (30 yrs), established teacher retirement system, created a merit system for state employees, repaled states poll taxes, reformed prison system, lowered voting age (26th ame
Ellis G. Arnold
increased construction of roads, fought hard to preserve the segregation of the races, started minimum foundation fropgram for education act in '49. State funding of public schools increased by 74%, sponsored programs to develop GA and improve life
Herman Talmadge
Built atomic reactor for GA tech, made new classrooms and hired good teachers, purchased stone mountain, made new roads,
V.P. Running mate for George Wallace in '63.
S. Marving Griffin
Cut expenses to state government, eliminated county unity system, expanded foreign trade, built state archives buyilding, and he improved education
Ernest Vandiver
Reorganized dept. of education, built a lot of university projects, created governor's honor program, and appointed first blacks to state patrol and the national guard,
Carl Sanders
defied civil rights, closed his eating facilites rather than integrating it, and added the gold plate to the dome.
Lester Maddox
Reorganized the state government leading to increased economy and efficiency.
jimmy carter
brought a lot of foreign business and instment to the state
George Bussbee
Passed the QBE quality based education, achivements in monority rights and in building the GA dome, he made it possible for the 1996 olympics to take place in atlanta, Ga
Joe Frank Harris
GA lottery, hope scholarsip, and started 4-yr old Pre-K. Began to phase out merit system and fired the state board of education
Zell Miller
Moste known for educational reform act, tax free holiday and lowered taxes for farmers.
Roy Barnes

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