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history terms 22&23


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crash of 1929
The 1929 foundation of the seemingly prospewrous economy was so unstable that the stock market crash in October led to a severe depression whose effects spread worldwide.
FDR economic plan
wanted bussiness adn gov to interact together
1st 100 days in office
banks, FERA, CWA, CCC (men and women), provided campsites for teh vetrans, NIRA, federal security act. Helped people keep their homes.
Hoover economic plan
Bussiness and gov. stay sepreated.....voulantarily set prices and wages.
Pack Supreme Court
FDR tires to get the supreme court up to 15 ppl instead of 9 to get his way waded.
new deal
proposals and programs addopted by FDR in response to teh great depression; included social and economic programs and changes in government regualation.
Dust bowl
Huge dust storm that destroyed large areas of farmers land causing a great migration to the west (California area)
failures of the new deal
FDR didnt go far enough, women were at a diadvantage and still didnt have teh same rigths as men, and teh segregation of teh blacks and minorities
The National Industrial Recovery Act- sought to bolster those prices and thus help business and indiviuals.
21st ammendment
constitutional ammendment of 1933 repealing the 18th ammendment, thus ending prohibition
2nd New Deal
helping the commonm person - social welfare. Welfare designed as a crutch.
effects of the crash
most ppl were not immediatly affected by the 1929 stock market crash, but by the early 1930s wage cuts and growing unemployment brougth widespread suffering.
causes of the crash
an unstable blance of wealth, buying on credit, ttomany goods too little demand...and the "get rich quick" attitude.
treatment of minorities
segregation was reinforced, many were not hired for new jobs.
economy of the 1920's
Optimism and faith in bussiness continued throughout the 1920's. But while many were buying goods on credit and investing in teh bombing stock market, millions more had no share in the country's prosperity.
election of 1932
FDR and Hoover. FDR won by a landslide because of new hopes. Ppl blamed Hoover for teh depression.

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