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How to win the Presidency


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Which branch of government is the voice of the people due primarily to officials being elected and make representative laws?
A) Judicial Branch
B) Legislative branch
C)Executive Branch
B) Legislative Branch
What form of business organization comprises almost three-quarters of all businesses in the United States:
A) Sole Proprietorships
B) Partnerships
C) Corporations
D) Non profit Organization
A) Sole Proprietorships
Which part of the American Federal System would be responsible for elections?
B) State
C) local
D) independent agencies
B) State
The articles of confederation prohibited Congress from doing which of the following:
A) Collecting taxes
B) Declaring tax amounts
C) establish a doctrine of religous freedom
D) form treaties with foreign nations
A) collect taxes
Canidates that count on advertising generally use it as a way of:
A) accurately portraying their stand on issues in great detail
B)influencing voters
C)Becoming wealthy
B) influencing voters
Many charities are businesses that are run as a?
A) shelter
B) Store
C) Non-profit Organizations
C) Non profit organizations
When the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution are compared, the Constitution allows for:
A_No federal court system
B) a one-house legislative with equal representation for each state
C) a 2-house legislature with representation i
C) a two-house legislature with representation in one house based on population
Of the following which was present in the original draft to the Articles of Constitutions?
A) Seperation of Powers
B) Checks and Balances
C) Federalism
D) Doing what ever you want
A) Checks and Balances
Making rules and regulations, setting standards and solving disputes are best defined as the job responsibilities of
A)state school superintendent
B)Bureaucrats at all levels
C0 appointed judges
B) bureaucrats at all levels
Freedom of the press is a right that is protectied by the U. S. Constitution. This right deals with the ability to
A) express ideas verbally
B) wear a style of hair that appeals to you
C) slander someone
D) Express ideas in writing
A) Express Ideas verbally
Which of the following describes the way political parties share their view point about government?
C) Happily
D) Excessively
A) Generally
The goverment is limited in it's power by?
A) Checks and Balances
B) Popular Soveriegnty
C) Writ of Habious Corpus
D) Right of Appeal
A) Checks and Balances
"Rule of the People" Is a way of defining which of the following concepts?
A)implied Powers
B) Concurrent Powers
C) Popular Sovereignty
C) Popular Sovereignty
Members of the Senate must be at least 30 years old, residents of the states they represent and?
A)natural born Untied States Citizens
B) United States Citizens for at least 2 years
C) United States citizens for at least 7 years
D) Un
a) natural born United States Citizens
The structure of the Constitution focuses on many ideals. Identify one of the primary ideals of this document
A) the right to bare arms
B)power to borrow from other countries
C) equality under law
D)Economic Superiority
D)economic Superiority
Which of these is NOT an advantage of Republicanism?
A)fairness to all citizens
B) common welfare
C) Freedom & prosperity
D) Weak Central Goverment
B) common welfare
The chief executives formal power in the legislative process by law?
A) proposing legislative
B)vetoing legislative
C) proposing and vetoing legislative
D)amending legislative
D)proposing and vetoing legislative
To practice in primary and general elections people must follow guidelines established by:
A) State Constitutions
B) The United States Constitutions
C) The Supreme Court
D) Localities
A) State Constitutions
The US court system that follows origianl jurisdiction is the:
A) US District Court
B) US Court of Appeals
C) US Supreme court
A)US Distict court
Senators filibuster bills that they want to
A) Sponsor
B) Kill during the debate
C) Change in Committee
D) bring to a roll-call vote
B) Kill during the debate
Popular Sovereignty is:
A) government by consent of the governed
B)gov't by minority rule
C)Gov't without representation
A)gov't by consent of the governed
The purpose of a cloture vote is to?
A) win a filibuster
B) limit a senator to one hour of debate
C) gather support for a bill
D) have a bill withdrawn from consideration
b) limit a senator to one hour of debate
The powers of the government is divided into 3 different types. Which is not one of the three types?
A) Enumerated
B) Reserved
C) Concurrent
D) popular
The power of goverment is controlled by?
A) The unwritten Constitution
B) Executive Branch
C) Legislative Branch
D) Laws
D) Laws
Lawyers in a court case will select?
A)Jurors only
B) Jurors and alternates
C)jurors based on a court recommended pool
D) Alternates only, the judge will select actual jury
B) jurors and alternates
The two major present day political parties are:
A) Republican and Democratic
B) Federalist and Democratic
C) Democratic and Wig
D) Liberal and Conservative
A) Republican and Democratic
Why are our rights as Americans limited?
A) to protect the community
B) to maintain the status quo
C) to violate rights
A) to protect the community
The federal system of goverment that the United States utilizes as a means of governing could also be called?
Approx 61% of registered voters voted in the 1992 Presidential election. The entire pool of people who are eligible to vote is referred to as:
A) the electorate
B) consumers
C)registerd voters
a) the electorate

Owners of a corporation earn their share of the business's profits in the form of:
A) Bonds
B) Stocks
C) Dividends
C) Dividends
What political party in the USA tends to be more liberal?
Name the group that gives large sums of money to election campaigns.
Politcal Action Committee
When a person is arrested and accused of a crime theygo to an arraignment hearing where which of the following will occur?
A) the trial begins immediately
B)the defendant pleads not guilty
C) the defendant pleads guilty
D) the defenda
D) the defendant can plead guilty or not guilty
Bios can best be defined as:
b) Predudice
c) opinion
d) fact
answer is b
The landmark court case that established the principle judicial review was?
A) Brown vs. Board of Education
B) Plessy vs Ferguson
C) Marbury vs Madison
C) Marbury vs Madison
The House of Representatives has more power than the Senate over the nation's money because?
A)the Senate does not vote on appropriations bills
B) only the HOuse has the power to raise taxes
C) the Senate does not vote on tax bills
D)only members of the House can introduce appropriations
An effort to prevent government from interfering with a person practicing a religion is an example of?
A) checks and balances
B) seperation of Church and State
C) federalism
B) seperation of Church and State
A new product's ________ will have to be effective to get the product to potential buyers.
A) Supply
B) marketing
C) demand
B) Marketing
The VA Declaration of Rights is most closely related to what document?
A)Preamble to the Constitution
B) Magna Carta
C) Articles of Confederation
D) Declaration of Independence
D) Declaration of Independence
Canidates that count on advertising generally use it as a way of doing what?
a) Accurately portraying their stand on issues in great detail
b) looking for campaign donations
c) Influencing Voters
d) becoming wealthy
c)Influencing Voters
As a result of checks and balances, powers of the legislative, executive, and judicial branch are
C) different at each level
B) limited
The branch of goverment that carries out the laws passed by Congress as decided in Article I is the:
A) Executive Branch
B) Judicial Branch
C) Legislative Branch
D) Supreme Court
A) Executive Branch
Concurrent powers shared by the state and federal govenments included the power to collect taxes, borrow money and?
A) establish schools
B)control immigrations
C)set up courts and prisons
D)maintain an army
C) set up courts and prisons
At what legislative level could you expect to find General Assembly?
A) National
B) State
C) Local
D) Federal
A) National
when an elected official is deciding on a position to take concerning voting for or ag/st a proposal what should be influencing the decision the most?
A) his constituents
B) his collegues
C) specail interest groups
D)President's wishe
A) his constituents
The politcal process that can be found at the state leveland not at the federal level is:
A) veto
Which of these groups typically support the Republican Party?

a) Minorities
b) The Poor
c) Big Business leaders
d) rural people
a) minorities
A judge is presiding over a civil case. What is the plaintiff seeking?
A) jail time for the other person
B)Damage or Compensation
C) a constitutional amendment
B) damage or compensation
Which election generally sees the greatest turnout?
a) Homecoming Queen
b) Presidential
c) Congressional
d) Mayoral

B) Presidential
Which is an example of media that does NOT influence participation in the political process?

a) The press
b) Radio
c) Electronic media
d) all of the above
d) all of the above
Judicial review is:
A)the proces by which a presiden can veto a bill
B)brining in filibuster to an end
C)Reviewing court case for appeal purpose
C)reviewing court case for appeal purpose
In regard to an election a political party will perform all of the following except?
A)Nominate canidates
B) Establish a platform
C) Campaign
D) Amend the Constitution
C) Campaign
For many years, Voter turnout during elections in the USA has not been high. People give many reasons why they did not vote. Which of the following is the most common reason for poor turnout?
A)lack of interest
B)lack of education
C) lack
A) Lack of interest
The law govenment body that has the power to declare a law that congress passed unconstitutional is?
A) the General Assembly
B) the Supreme Court
C) A circuit Court
D)the executive branch
B) the supreme court

Which Amendment tothe U.S. Constitution states that "no person...shall be compelled in any criminal case to be witness ag/st himself"?
D) Fourth
One branch of goverment is responsible for collecting taxes and its leader is the President. Which branch is it?
a) Executive Branch
b) Judicial Branch
c) Legislative Branch
d) General Assembly
a) Executive Branch
Freedom of petition as provided by the First Amendment guarantees you the freedom to?
Express Ideas in writing
The main function of a political party is to
a) nominale canidates for public office
b) report campaign bias
c) rewrite parts of the United States Constitution
d) Appoint Justice and Judges
a) Nominate canidates for public office
When a person is charged with a felony crime he or she is being accused of
A) Class VII felony offences
B)Civil law violation
C) Criminal Law violation
C) Criminal law violation
All of the following are ineligible to vote except:
A) Inmates of mental hospitals
B) people who have recently moved and do not meet state residency requirements
C) All inmates in jail
D) People without permanent addresses
D) People without permanent addresses
The amendment that protects Freedom of Press is the:
A) First
B) Second
C) Third
D) Twenty-First
A) first
Freedom of petition as provided by the First Amendment guarantees you Freedom to:
A) Pick you nose
B) Meet to discuss problems and plan actions
C) Express Ideas in writing
D) Express Ideas through speech
B) Meet to discuss problems and plan actions
Perhaps the most important right guaranteed to every citizen is the right to vote. All of the following must be considered except:
A)The Person's AGe
B) The Person's gender
C)The election district according to your address
D) citizens
b) The person's gender
When it comes to nominating a person for the office of President:
A)The U.S.Constitution gives specific guideline
B) The canidate is nominated through their political party
C) The canidate can write their name on a ballot and ut it in a ba
b) The canidate is nominated through their political party
The constitution decrees that all laws not governed by the Federal Goverment be given to:
A) The House of Representatives
B) Congress
C) The States
D) The President
B) Congress
Republicans tend to be:
A) Liberal
B) Conservative
C) Middle of the Road
D) Non- Conformist
B) Conservative
Which of these documents came first?
A) Charters of the Virginia Company
B) The Declaration of Independence
C) The Articles of Confederation
D) U.S. Constitution
B) Charters of the Virginia Company
Which of the following describes the way political parties share their viewpoint about goverment?
B) Barely
C) Happily
D) Excessively
B) Barely
What is not a source of fund for financing election campaigns?
A) individual donations
B) allocation of $3 from taxpayers
C) P.A.C.
D) Caucus
D) Caucus
What is the major reponsibility of American Citizens?
A)defend the nation
B) vote
C) attend school
D) be an aggressive skater
B) vote
Why must citizens support their concern for their community with action?
A) laws demand it
B) the government provides all necessary services
C) the goverment does not have enough money to provide welfare for all people
D) The gov't ex
D) the goverment expects you to show patriotism by being responsible
The media is used by which of the following to send out positive and negative campaigning?
A) All political groups
B) Republican Groups
C) Democratic Groups
D) Only those that can afford
A) All politcal groups
Whick of these is NOT an advantage of republicanism?
A)fairness to all citizens
B) Common welfare
C) weak central gov't
C) Weak central gov't
All of the following are similarities between direct democracy and representative democracy EXCEPT:
A) Both started in Ancient Greece
B) Both include laws that are formed by many
C) Neither supports the will of the few
D) Neither incl
C) Neither supports the will of few
It is important for responsible voting citizens to:
A) Ignore differences between fact and opinion
B) Recognize differences between fact and opinion
C) Tolerate indifferences in biased information
D) Critize information that is factua
b) Recognize the differences between fact and opinion
What are the three major categories of rights?
A) discrimination, security, and liberty
B)peace, security, and equatlity
C)freedom, liberty, and equality
C) freedom, libery, and equality
"We the People" is the beginning of what very important Historical Document"
A) Articles of confederation
B) Bill of rights
C) Magna Carta
D) U.S. Constitution
D) U.S. Constitution
Voting registration policies:
A) are uniform across the US
B) vary from State to State
C0 area dictated in the Constitution
B) vary from state to state
Thomas Jefferson's philosophy of a goverment where the states would be given more power than the National Goverment was know as?
A) Federalism
B) Republicanism
C) Feudalism
D) Indirect
A) Federalism
All of the following are examples of public policy except:
A) drafting legislation
B)forming treaties with foreign nations
C)resolving disputes
B)foming treaties with foreign nations
The idea of common law can be traced back many many years. Which of these ideas is NOT based on common laws?
A) The rulers is not above the law
B) People should have a voice in their goverment
C) Basic rights for Citizens are protected by
B) People should have a voice in their goverment
Whichcourt system deals with many lawsuits involving negligence, property disputes, divorce or personal injury?
A) Civil
B) Criminal
C) Domestic Relations
D) Juvenile
A) Civil
The constitution declares that:
A) Congress may name an official religion
B) Congress may not name or support any religion
C) The President of the U.S. can practice only Protestant Religion
D) Congress must pass laws regulating the pr
B) Congress may not name or support any religion
The powers of the Gov't are controlled by:
A) the constitution
B) the executive branch
C) legislative branch

a) the constitution
What are the owners of a corporation called?
A) Owners
B) Bosses
C) Stockholders
C) Stockholders
In reguard to an election, a political party will perform all of the following except?
A) nominate candidates
B) Establish a platform
D) Amend the Constitution
D) Amend the Constitution
The best example of a concurrent power would be in?
A) Maintaining and establishing schools
B) Collecting Taxes
C) Controlling foreign trade
D) elections
A) maintaining and establishing schools
Recruiting and nominating candidates and education the electorate about campaign issues are two purposesof:
A)the media
B) Polictical Parties
C)the court System
C) Political action Committees
B) Political Parties
Wthat is the major duty of american citizens?
A) Serve in court
B) be informed
C) respect diversity
D) participate in Goverment
A) serve in court
Whose job is it to protect the right of the few when the majority rules?
A_ the court of appeals
B)Supreme Court of the US
C) Supreme court of Washington DC
D) Juvenile Court
B) supreme court of the US
The admendment to the constitution that addresses freedom of religion is the?
A) Preamble
B) First
C) Second
D) Fourth
C) Second
To participate in primary and general elections people must follow guidelines established by?
A) States Constitution
B) The U.S. Constitution
C) The Supreme Courts
D) Localities
C) Supreme Courts

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