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What is a system of government called in wich political descisions are made by people rather than elected representatives?
Direct democracy
What is a ruler who rules without the consent of the governed called?
What does the social contract theory state?
That individuals volunarily agree to create an organized society in order to secure mutual protection and welfare.
List 3 examples of social conflict.
(education, welfare, environment....)
The very success of democracy depends on what?
The knowledge and skills of its citizens.
__________ determines "who gets what, when, and how."
What is a system/method for resolving conflict within a society?
Government is a structure composed of _________ ________ who make society's ____ about who gets what and who have the ______ and ________ to enforce those _______.
List 4 examples of political participation
(voting, discussing/debating political issues with others, writing letters to the editor, attending school board meetings...)
What are the 5 major purposes that government serves?
-It resolves conflicts
-Provides Public Services
-Provieds for national security and common defense
-It sets goals for public policies.
-It preserves culture.
What is the supreme and independent authority that a governement possesses within its own territory?
List and describe the 3 natural rights of citizens
Life, liberty, and property - each citizen is born with these and no government should them take away.
Central or national government
Federal government
What is a system of government called that is ruled by a hereditary king or queen?
What is the name given to the nation in which the supreme power rests in those who are entitiled to vote and is exercsed by elected representatives who are responsible to voters and who govern according to law?
What is power?
The government's ability to cause others to change their behavior
What are organizations and establishments win a society that are devoted to the promotion of a particular cause?
What is the possession of control, influence, or authority over others?
What is friction between groups within a society?
Social conflict
List 5 things citizens should be knowledgable about in political participation.
Political structure, political leaders, laws, rights, and past history.
List and describe the 5 principles of democracy
EQUALITY IN VOTING - equal opportunity to express preferences about policies and leaders.
INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM - everyone should have greatest amount of freedom possible without interferring with the rights of others.
EQUALITY OF ALL PERSONS - equal treatment within a society
MAJORITY RULE AND MINORITY RIGHTS - majority rules, but minority rights are guarunteed
VOLUNTARY CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED - people who make up democracy should agree voluntarily to be goverened by rules laied down by their representatives.
Who developed the social contract theory?
John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Jacques Rousseau.
What is authority?
The right to cause citizens to behave.
What is a system of democracy in wich the people elect representatives who work within the governement on behalf of the people?
Representative democracy
Explain a government's legitimate power.
A government has power because it is given by the people.
List 4 skills citizens should have for political participation.
Active participant, reserach, analysis, and logic/reason

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