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Chapter 11 Gov


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What was the National Labor Relations Act also called?
Wagner Act
What did the wagner act do?
* empowered the government to enter factories and conduct elections so that workers could freely decide whether to join a union
What concept did the Wagner Act firmly establish?
industrial unionism
How did the Wagner Act strengthen private business?
it curbed businesses most abusive practices and ameliorated the more extreme conditions of economic inequality
What did the Executive Reorganizational Act of 1939 do for the President?
granted him new administrative powers
What did the Brownlow Commission do?
proposed the creation of an Executive Office of the President
What did the Brownlow commission enhance?
the presidents control of the expanding forces of the executive branch
Why was the 100 days of FDR\'s first term important?
Congress passed like a million things. now all presidents are judged by their first 100 days
What was FDR trying to do with his court packing?
Make a supreme court that liked his policies more than the previous one
What was the fair deal?
A push to transform the US economy from a wartime one to a domestic one
What were 3 parts of the fair deal?
civil rights movement, housing act, social security act
What was truman doctrine?
support democracy, fight communism
The Marshall plan...
offers Europe a quick recovery

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