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Con Law Midterm Flashcards


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Ancient Liberty
Individual Liberty in the Government. Participatory. Liberty is an exercise.
Modern Liberty
More about rights. You enjoy your rights. Participation is limited.
Judicial Review
The Supreme Court has the authority to strike down any law it deems unconstitutional. Established first in Marbury v. Madison.
Judicial Supremacy.
The Court's decision on the Constitutionality of a law is final. It stands above past and current decisions about the matter.
The power of a certain court to hear a case. The Supreme Court can only act regarding federal questions.
Original Jurisdiction
Who gets the case first. In certain cases (ie, when ambassadors from foreign countries are involved) a case can go straight to the supreme court.
Appellate Jurisdiction
If a court case is appealed, it goes to appellate court. Appellate courts try these cases.
Standing to Sue
Having the appropriate requirements to bring a law suit. Seen in Nedow that he lacks this.
Stare Decisis
Latin for "let the decision stand". It is the principal that princincipals of law in previous cases should stand as authoritative in cases after.
Lies with people in the states. It is the supreme political authority. It is the absolute power by which a nation-state is ruled.
Virginia and Kentucky REsolutions
written by jefferson and madison. supported states' rights. strict constiutionalism.
Lincoln on Dred Scott.
Accept the ruling, but not as precedent, Tanney's reasoning is wrongggg.

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