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History Ch 19 2


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The Great Debate of 1858 was between _________ and ________
Lincoln - Douglas
how many debates and when?
seven debates that were arranged from August to October 1858
in response to Lincoln's question about slavery..douglas's ______________ stated that no matter how the Supreme Court ruled, slavery would stay down if the people voted it down.
Freeport Doctrine
_____ won the senatorial election, but _______ won the popular vote
Douglas, Lincoln
In October 1859, John Brown seized the federal arsenal at _____________.
Harpers Ferry
To chose a candidate Democrats met in __________for election of 1860.and then again in _________.
The _________________was formed by former Whigs and Know-Nothings. They nominated John Bell as their presidential candidate.
Constitutional Union Party
The Republican Party met in Chicago and nominated ___________ as their presidential candidate
Abraham Lincoln
____________ won the election of 1860
Abraham Lincoln
In December 1860, South Carolina's legislature met in______________ and voted unanimously to secede. 6 other states joined South Carolina: . ___,___,___,___,___,___

Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas
The 7 seceders met at ______________ in February 1861 and created a government known as the ___________________. The states chose _____________, a recent member of the U.S. Senate from Mississippi, as President.
Montgomery, Alabama

Confederate States of America

Jefferson Davis
The ___________ to the Constitution were designed to appease the South. They said that slavery in the territories was to be prohibited north of 360 30', but south of that line was to be given federal protection in all territories existing or herby acquir
Crittenden amendments
after Brown was killed ___________of the U.S Marines took over.
Robert E. Lee
4 men in the election of 1860___________
Abraham Lincoln, Bell, Douglas, Breckinridge
________ painted Brown kissing a black child before going to his execution
Horace Greenly

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