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Vocab and Questions from Unit One


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A scholar in ancient Greece, one of the first students of government.
Any community with set boundaries and an organized government.
Sizable group of people connected by race, language, custom or tradition.
A place where state boundaries and people coincide.
Thomas Hobbes
Came up with the social contract theory.
What are the features of a state?
Population, territory, sovereignty, and absolute control over its boundaries.
What are the four theories of origin of state?
Evolution theory(decendent of a ruler takes over), force theory(government under one ruler), Divine Right Theory(rulers are decendents of/chosen by God), and Social Contract Theory(when people give up some rights in exchange for protection and order).
What are the purposes of government?
Maintaining social order, Providing public services, providing national security, and making economic decisions.
Constitutional Governement
A country that has a consitution that outlines the rules of the government.
Effort to control/influence policies of government.
Statement before the Constitution that says the goals of the document.
constitutional law
Law that invloves the application of the U.S.A. constitution.
developing countries
Countries that are only beginning to develop industrially.
A nation that must interact on other nations.
What are the government systems?
Unitary system(gives power to a central government), federal system(divides power between national, state, and provincial governemts), and confederacy(loose union of independent states).
A plan that sets rules for government.
What are the 3 purposes of a constitution?
1.set out ideals that are believed by the people.
2.Establishes the basic structure of government.
3.Provides supreme law for the country.
What are the 3 non-state catergories?
1. Political movements, i.e. national liberation organizations.
2.multinational organizations organizations
direct democracy
people govern themselves by voting on all decisions.
voters hold sovereignty power
political party
group of individuals with the same broad opinions who nominate, vote for, and determine public policy.
an agreement about basic beliefs.
civil society
a complex network of voluntary associations.
What are the three types of government?
1.autocracy-rule by 1 person
2.oligarchy-rule by a few persons
3.democracy-rule by many people.
free enterprise
economic freedom

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