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depression and new deal


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loaned money to extend electricity to rural areas
payed farmes not to grow certain crops
indian new deal
gave NA greater control over their own affairs
flsa of 1938
set min. wage at 40 cents an hour
wizard of oz
famous movie
eleanor roosevelt
frd's wife
gave jobs to men + women 2 build hospitals, parks, + airports. helped artists, writers + musicians
pres. during the depression
great depression
many people lost homes and jobs
deficit spending
spending more than you have
okies and arkies
people from oklahoma and arkansas
hundred days
fdr's 1st 100 days where 15 major laws were passed
hoover blankets
black cabinet
aa adcisor to the president
new deal
fdr's plan to get the US out of the depression
banks have to have enough money to repay 10000 if shut down
gone with the wind
famous civil war movie
tiny shacks the homeless lived in
bonus army
veterans camped in a tent city along the potomac river in order to get the bonus
tried to end price cutting and worker layoffs
bank holiday
fdr closed all banks for inspection
sum of money
hoover flags
insideout pockets
charlie mccarthy
migrant workers
people moving form one place to another searching for work
snow white
1st full length movie
represented unions in whole industries
douglas macarthur
gen. that chased away the bonus army
ssa of 1935
pensions of old people, 1st system of unemployment insurance, gave states money to support dependant children and people with disabilites
gave relief to the unemployed and needy
enforced codes that regulated wages, prices, and working conditions
charles coughlin
a priest that critized the pres. on the radio
wagner act
protected A. workers from unfair managment practices
francis townsend
a doctor that wanted to pay elderly $200 a month
fireside chat
fdr talking on the radio to the people near a fireplace
18-25 year year old unmarried men work for $1 a day. built sheradoah lake
john l. lewis
set up cio
public works programs
government hired workers to construct schools and courthouses, build dams, and pave highways
john steinback
author of grapes of wrath
dorthea lange
photographer during the depression
collective bargaining
process where a person representing a union negotiates with the managment for a contract
sitdown strike
people refused to work or leave the building
black tuesday
nickname for the stock market crash
orson wells
wrote famous book that scared the people
dust bowl
mid country- dust out of control
huey long
senator that turned against the president
loaned money to railroads, banks, and insurance companies to help keep them in business
built dams to provide cheap electric power to 7 southern states. set up schools +health centers
furniture that talks
nickname for radios
insured savings accounts in banks approved by the government
stock market crash
october 29,1929
built ports, schools, and aircraft carriers

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