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having or showing both good and bad feelings about sb/sth
for example:
-She seems to feel ambivalent about her new job.
-He has ambivalent attitude towards her.

anomaly, atypical
a thing, situation, etc.. that is different from what is normal.
for example:
- The many anomalies in the tax system.
-the apparent anomaly that those who produced the wealth, the workers, were the poorest.

sarcastic, sardonic, snide
Winston Churchill was famous for his sarcastic and sardonic comments. Here are two well-known examples:
-Bessie Braddock: Sir, you are a drunk
-Churchill: Madame, you are ugly. in the morning I shall be sober, you will still be ugly.
-Nancy Astor: Sir, If you were my husband I would give you poison.
-Churchill: If I were your husband I would take it.

dearth, paucity
a lack of sth;
the fact of there not being enough of sth.
-There was a dearth of reliable information on the subjects.
-a paucity of information.

to talk a lot about unimportant things.
-She prattled on about her children all evening.
wry, wry, wry
wry, wry, wry
1.showing that you are both amused and disappointed or annoyed.
2.amusing in a way that shows irony
-He pulled a wry face when i asked him how it had gone.
-a wry comment.
-a wry comedy about family life.

Unconventional, Unorthodox
-Both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are known for their catchy hits and bold, unconventional and unorthodox costumes include a funky playing cards dress, a watermelon dress, and a cute pink panda outfit.
-Lady Gaga is also known for wearing unconventional and even outlandish (bizarre, outrageous) stage outfits.
painstaking, meticulous
The new Harry Potter theme park is a meticulous recreation of Hogwarts castle and nearby Hogsmeade village.
The park's designers spared no expense to painstakingly recreate such iconic rooms as Dumbledore's office and the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.
daring, very bold,
-an audacious decision.
indifferent, apathetic
Stein's bored and indifferent students ignore his monotone lecture. Hoping for some sign of interest, Stein tries asking questions, but his efforts are futile (word 46). Some students are so apathetic they fall asleep.
Even Lady Gaga wakes up and feels like an insecure and diffident 24-yaer-old girl.
But Lady Gaga then tells herself, "You are Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today." As you study for the SAT, be like Lady Gaga. Don't SUCCUMB (give in) to feelings of diffidence.
solving problems in practical and sensible way rather than by having fixed ideas or theories.
evocation, evoke
to bring a feeling, a memory or an image into your mind
-Taylor Swift's "Love Story" evokes a time when beautiful princesses lived in romantic castle and fell in love with handsome princes.

too confident, in way that shows a lack of respect for other people
stubborn resistance,
unwilling to obey rules or follow instructions
boon, bane
Fifty Cent was shot nine times and lived! Was the shouting a bane and a boon for his career?
clandestine, surreptitious

done secretly or kept secret
- the clandestine sale of weapons
- a clandestine meeting/relationship

affable, amiable, genial, gregarious
friendly, pleasant, easy to talk to
-He greeted everyone in the same relaxed and affable manner.
austere, austerity
having no adornment or ornamentation;
without any decorations
-Their clothes always austere
-My father was a distant, austere man.

-altruistic behavior
confounded, perplexed,
-perplexed expression
-She looked perplexed
-The sudden rise in share prices has confounded economists


enormous, massive
-prodigious achievement/memory/talent
-DVDs can store prodigious amounts of information.

unclear, uncertain, open to more than one interpretation,

elated (very happy)

upbraid, reproach, castigate
to criticize sb or speak angrily to them because you do not approve of sth that they have said or done

nostalgic memories.
Өнгөрсөнөө дурсах
conjecture, supposition
Scientists has offered a number of conjectures to explain why the age of Dinosaurs came to an abrupt end.

out of date
-obsolete technology
-With technological changes many traditional skills have become obsolete.

auspicious, propitious
showing signs that sth is likely to be successful in the future
-It was an auspicious date for a wedding.
-It was not a propitious time to start a new business.

morose (gloomy), despondent
very depressed, unhappy, bad-tempered and not talking very much.
-She just sat there looking morose.

a difficult situation in which no progress can be made because the people involved cannot agree what to do.
-Negotiation have reached a impasse.
a person, a custom or an idea that seems old-fashioned and doesn't belong to the present.

-She said nuclear weapons were an anachronism in the post cold war era.

to give a false impression of sb/sth
-Her energy and youthful good looks belie her 65 years.

1.зөөлрүүлэх, сулруулах, багасгах, хөнгөлөх.
2.тайвшруулах, тайтгаруулах.
3.тайвшруулах, хөнгөрүүлэх (уйтгар гуниг, зовлонг)2.тайван болгох, намдаах
4.хөнгөлөх,дэм болох,намдаах,хөнгөрүүлэх,тайвшрах,уужрах

-His explanation failed to mollify her.

to want very much, especially sth that belongs to sb else
antithesis, antithetical (anitpode)
the opposite of sth.
direct opposite, the complete reverse.
-Love is the antithesis of selfishness
-Students finishing their education at 16 is the very antithesis of what society needs.


the first design of sth from which other forms are copied or developed.
-The prototype of the modern bicycle
-Scientists have developed a working prototype for a voice translation machine.

distant physically and emotionally.
-He was a cold man, aloof and distant.
-She stayed aloof while the argument went on around her.

trite,hackneyed, banal, platitudinous, insipid
dull and boring because it has been expressed so many times before; not original.
-A banal conversation about the weather.
-She seemed bored and asked trite questions.
-The artist should be careful to avoid hackneyed subjects.
-A cup of insipid coffee
-After an hour of insipid conversation, I left

a thing or an event that exists or comes before another, and may have influenced it.
-antecedent events
plausible, implausible
believable, unbelievable
-Her history sounded perfectly plausible
-They only plausible explanation is that he forgot


careful and sensible(uhaalag medersen)when you make decisions and judgements
avoiding unnecessary risk.
-A prudent businessman.
-It might be more prudent to get a second opinion before going ahead.


concerned with beauty and art and the understanding of beautiful things.
-Their furniture was more aesthetic than functional.
-An aesthetic appreciation of the landscape.


a person, thing or situation that has two opposite features and therefore seems strange

-He was a paradox-- a loner who loved to chat to strangers.

enigmatic, inscrutable
mysterious and difficult to understand.
-an enigmatic smile
-He gave an enigmatic smile


to accept sth without arguing, Even if you do not really agree with it.

-She explained her plan and reluctantly He acquiesced.
-Senior government figures must have acquiesced in the cover-up.

naive, gullibile
lacking experience of life, knowledge or good judgement and willing to believe that people always tell you the truth

-a naive question
-I can't believe you were so naive as to trust him.


independent, able to govern itself or control its own affairs

having no purpose because there is no chance of success

-a futile attempt/exercise/gesture

indigenous, endemic (adjective)
native to an area,
-the indigenous people/language of the area
-the kangaroo is indigenous to Australia

ubiquitous, prevalent
seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time;

-The ubiquitous movie star, Tom Hanks


бүх нийтийн, endemic
-a pandemic disease

She endured her illness with great fortitude
adj. very small
trivial, minutiae
not important or serious; not worth considering
-Drake is one of the world's mos t popular hip hop
artists. While Drake would pr e f e r to concentrate on
creating music, his zealous fans often focus on
interesting but TRIVIAL MINUTIAE about his personal life. For example, Drake was raised by a Jewish mother and had a Bar Mitzvah. And online
rumor s continue to link him wi th Rihanna!

to try hard to persuade sb to do sth
-"Come on" he exhorted them.
-The Party leader exhorted his members to start preparing for government.

antipathy, animosity, rancor
a strong feeling of dislike.
-personal/mutual antipathy
-They have a mutual antipathy to each other.

a strong feeling of opposition, anger and hatred.

to depart from subject; wander; ramble.

to start to talk sth that is not connected with the main point of what you are saying

-After several digressions, He finally got the point.
-To digress for a moment, I would like to remind you that there will be no classes next week.

-a tenacious grip
-She is a tenacious woman and never gives up.

adj. 1. тууштай, няцашгүй. 2. амар салдаггүй, зууралдсан.

-She was usually very indulgent with him.
-rather indulgent parents.
-His parents is usually so indulgent with him.


divisive, polarize
1.causing people to be split into groups that disagree with or oppose each other.

-He believes that unemployment is socially divisive. separate or make people separate in two groups with completely opposite opinion. -Public opinion has polarized on this issue. 1. туйлшрах. 2. tech. туйлжуулах. polarization, -isation n. 1. туйлшрал. 2. туйлжилт.
make out
олж харах, сонсох, ойлгох, анкет/чек бичих, мэтгэх, зүтгэх, тэсэх, амьдрах
nebulous, vague
not clear
-a nebulous concept
not clear person's mind
-They has only vague idea where the place was.

analogy, analogous
a comparison of one thing with another thing that has similar features; a feature that is similar;
-The teacher drew an analogy between the human heart and a pump.
lasting or used for only a short period of time.
-leaflets, handouts and other ephemeral material

lasting only a short time
-We paid a fleeting visit to USA.
-She smiled fleetingly.

adj. хурдан, түргэн, агшин зуурын

penchant, predilection
a special liking for sth,
-She has a penchant for French champagne.

capricious, mercurial
showing sudden changes in attitude or behavior
to give a loud high shout.

орилох, бархирах, чарлах. She ~ed with horror. Тэр бүсгүй айж чанга орилов.

boorish, uncouth
-uncouth laughter
-the crass questions all disabled people get asked
-I thought that his comments were somewhat crass.
1.adj. хүмүүжил сослгүй, бүдүүлэг
2.adj. болхи, бүдүүлэг. an ~ young man бүдүүлэг залуу.
3.adj. мулгуу, дүнхүү, шал тэнэг

-outrageous behavior
-"That is outrageous" he protested.

adj. 1. бухимдмаар, зэвүүцмээр, эгдүүцмээр. 2. хачин, этгээд, гайхаш төрүүлсэн.

-an indignant letter/look
-She was very indignant at the way She had been treated.
-They were indignant that They hadn't been invited.

\\дургүй уурлах,эгдүүцсэн,зэвүүцсэн,зэвүүрхсэн

-The song is full of sexual innuendo.

дохио, битүү санаа, ёгт сануулга.

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