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Roman Republic Test Review


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What was the Struggle of Orders?
attempt by plebeians to increase their power increase their political power that led to the creation of Tribunes and the Twelve Tables
What is the name of the mountain chain in northern Italy?
Describe Italy's location
centrally located in the Mediterranean basin allowing trade and conquest
Who were the patricians?
powerful nobility of Rome
What were the responsibilities of Roman citizenship?
pay taxes and serve in the military
Describe Rome's republic.
representative democracy; consuls possessed the power to veto; assemblies and senate proposed laws
Who fought in the Punic Wars?
Rome and Carthage
What were the effects of the Punic Wars?
destruction of Carthage; Roman trade expanded; increased wealth; gap between patricians and plebeians; increased slavery; unemployment; latifundias
Where is Gaul?
modern-day France
Where is Carthage?
northern Africa
What were the laws of Rome's republic?
Twelve Tables
What right did the Twelve Tables ensure?
all people were equal before law; innocent until proven guilty
Which civilization colonized Carthage?
Who was the Carthaginian general who attacked Rome?
Who made up the First Triumvirate?
Caesar, Pompey, Crassus
Who was Scipio?
Roman general who defeated Carthage
What were the Tribunes?
representatives of the plebeians who posssessed the power to veto
What were the two main classes of Roman society?
patricians and plebeians
Before being a republic, what type of government did Rome have?
Etruscan king/monarchy
What powers did consuls have?
executives who could veto, ran the day-to-day affairs of government, led army
Why was Caesar killed?
he became too powerful
Who killed Caesar?
the senators (Brutus and Cassius)
What happened to Rome following the assassination of Caesar?
Civil War; Octavian emereged as emperor
What was the purpose of Caesar's reforms?
to increase his power; give more power to plebeians
Who were the plebeians?
List 3 facts about Caesar?
he was a great general, he was liked by the plebeians, he took the title dictator for life, he was killed by senators who felt he was attempting to become king
What were the results of the Pax Romana?
uniform system of money, uniform code of laws, travel and trade increased, stressed family values
Who attempted to improve the governing of Rome by dividing the Empire?
What language did Romans speak?
Why was the language of Rome very important?
it formed the basis for our Romance languages of today
What was the Colosseum?
stadium for gladiatorial combat
As Christianity developed, who assumed the leadership of the Catholic Church?
pope/Bishop of Rome
Why did many Romans oppose Christianity?
it went against their polytheistic beliefs, they blamed Christians for plagues and famines, it was a threat to the emperor's power
The first emperor of Rome took this title
The writings of Jesus' followers are collected in this book?
New Testament
What happened to trade during the Pax Romana?
What is a civil service?
long-term government employees who are chosen based on their training and skills
Who wrote the Aenied?
What was the purpose of Virgil's Aenied?
promote traditional Roman values
Why did the Roman Empire experience inflation?
increased territorial spending and military spending
What is the Pax Romana?
200 year period of peace and prosperity
The roots for Christianity are found in which religion?
Who was the Christian messiah?
Where do the name for our planets come from?
Roman gods
Which Roman emperor legalized Christianity?
Who was the apostle responsible for spreading Christianity throughout the Roman Empire?
Who moved Rome's capital to Byzantium?
Who did Augustus defeat to become emperor?
Marc Antony
During the Pax Romana what happened to the Rome's territory?
increased slightly
Who was Rome's first emperor?
Which emperor began the Pax Romana?
What event(s) marked the end of the Roman Republic?
Caesar's assassination and the civil war that followed

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